The Monk's Way DVD by Steve Reynolds

The Monk's Way

Steve Reynolds knows what his audiences are thinking.  It's not the ten of clubs.  For the past six years, Steve has been working in the trenches as a professional close-up magician, refining an approach that he refers to as "The Monk's Way."


What is the Monk's Way?  It's an approach to developing methods that places the audience's psychology foremost.  That is, taking into consideration what an audience sees and what they sense.  

What one will not find on this DVD is the next slick (but ultimately forgettable) move.  Instead, Steve shows how he uses all aspects of a performance to cause the audience to trick themselves into believing they've seen real magic.


Are some of these techniques bold? Yes. Will they work under test conditions? Absolutely.

Some of the subject covered:

Choreography and Blocking

Inattentional Amnesia

Mental Spin

Emphasis and De-emphasis

Methodological Construction

Eight effects from Steve's working repertoire are taught in full detail with additional input from Jon Racherbaumer and Mark Aspiazu.  

So if you think that your audiences deserve to be truly astounded, then perhaps it's time to stop being a move monkey and become a Monk.

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