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THE NEW WORLD TOSSED DECK by Christopher Bolter

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THE NEW WORLD TOSSED DECK by Christopher Bolter

Just click PLAY to watch Christopher perform this 

at a college for real people!!!

Christopher has taken a classic effect and combined it with a very clever gaffed deck.  He has added another element to the classic Psychomatic or Telematic deck.  I LOVE the idea of splitting the deck up amongst more people.  Having two people PERFORM the same actions really makes sense.  

YOU CAN perform the classic DAVID HOY routine.  BUT the possibilities are endless.  As you see in the video above there is room for lots of different presentations.  Perform it on stage for a thousand people......or for just two.  


Imagine........spreading a deck across a table. Showing all different cards in the spread. The deck is then split into two piles, bound with rubber bands and tossed into the audience. Two audience members each look at a random card buried in their respective packets. The cards are then dropped on the floor, never touched by the audience member or the performer again. After a few moments of concentration, the mentalist begins to divine each of the merely glanced at cards. Building from the color of the card all the way up to the suit and value, the mentalist correctly names each of the cards!

The New World Tossed Deck allows you to display the deck before it's tossed into the audience! The audience will never see any repeating cards, noticeable stack or pattern or any fishiness with the cards! Mainly because there isn't a stack, there are not any visible repeating cards or patterns! All of the cards are different!

This new method to the classic effect allows you to perform on stage, up close and even in a walk around situation! (where the effect was initially created)

Learn the complete detailed handling, along with two routines for comedic and serious presentations. As a bonus learn a totally different effect with this awesome new deck!

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