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Tip Trey

Visual Card Magic at it’s best! Inspired by the work of Lee Asher, Karell Fox, and Gaeton Bloom this is one of most amazing and EASY card suspensions you will ever see.

A card is freely selected, signed, and then lost in the deck. The magician runs through the deck and pulls out three cards. “Three possibilities”, the magician announces. The cards are then placed on the table in an upright position, and when the cards on either side are pulled away the center card remains standing. When the other two cards are released they fall face up revealing that they are indifferent cards. You snatch the card out of its suspended position and immediately hand it to the spectator revealing that it is their signed selection.

Everything is examinable.

Here is what some people have said about Tip Trey…….

“Trust me, the card’s suspension looks plain weird. The routine is easy to do; most will be able to add it to their repertoire after just a little practice. The best part is that it does not require the magician to carry any extra gimmicks that he would not usually carry to a magic performance anyway.” - Caleb Wiles www.magicreviews.blogspot.com

“Proving that visual card magic doesn’t have to be difficult, Nathan attacks the suspended card effect in a humorous way. Hang with me here and I think you’ll find you have one of those pleasant moments that simultaneously evokes laughter and amazement.” - Steve Beam

“Tip Trey is a quick but cool effect (”QBC”) where a spectator’s selected card identifies itself by mysteriously standing upright on the table without threads or visible support. As father said after our first family portrait, it is a strange and deeply disturbing visual. The cards can be inspected before and after and there is nothing to set-up or re-set.” - Tim Quinlan www.insidemagic.com

“Tip Trey begins the set and it’s an easy-to-do card suspension that will ’stand up’ in the real world as a selected card appears to stand vertically with no visible means of support……..this is something I believe you’ll do a lot. “ - Jim Sisti www.magicspin.com

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