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Fire Coins Video + The Squish Vanish
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Bill Plots + The Squish Vanish
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“This is sheer genius! Nathan always comes up with good workable stuff, and this is no different. The method is unbelieveably simple, yet you would never think of this. Hats off to Kranzo!”

- Paul Humphreys

“Squish is great – excellent ideas.”

- Paul Wilson

The Squish Vanish created a sensation when it was first released on Youtube.

No Pulls.
No thumbtip.
No hook coin.
No spit.
No sticky tape.
No thread.
No magnets.
No sleeves.
No topit.
No dropping.
No lapping.
No kidding.

You will learn the Squish Vanish as well as these other mysteries…
Create the illusion of a coin folding up inside a borrowed bill and vanishing.
Create the illusion of a coin vanishing in a flash of fire.
Create the illusion of a coin defying the laws of gravity.
Create the illusion of a coin changing elements.
Create the illusion of a coin visually softening like molten lava.
…and much more!!!

This ebook also includes video files to help you learn every detail of this concept as well as how to apply it to different effects. The Squish Vanish is really only the tip of the iceburg. You will learn this fantastic vanish and ELEVEN other routines and ideas. Squish isn’t just an amazing vanish…dozens of other effects are possible.

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