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Here is what you get!!!

Here is what you get!!!

Here is what you get!!!

Kranzo’s NEW big Package 

This is new SUPER SIZED version of the original “big” package that will includes all the past material plus tons of new things.


If you are a new customer to KranzoMagic this is a great way to get the original package plus all the new stuff!!!



This is the magazine test that I have been using to close my show for several years. Any word is thought of out of a normal Magazine like “Rolling Stone” for example. You tell them exactly the word they are thinking of! This is the trick that they will talk about years after they see you!


***MONSTER ebook package:

That includes DVDs, PDFs and seven different sets of lecture notes below:


***The Heat Of the Desert

***California Lecture Notes

***Detroit Lecture Notes

The above collection of three sets of lecture notes represent Nathan‘s first three lecture tours. A collection of “worker“ close-up material that you will love.


***Bill Plots

This is Nathan‘s book containing a collection of routines using the bill switch. Awesome close-up magic here!!!


***Tip Trey

This is a cool levitation/suspension of a selected card using a normal deck. Steve Beam thought it was cool enough to include it in his “semi automatic“ series.



Another one of Nathan‘s best sellers. This is considered a classic amongst coil Magicians. Seven coin routines that you can perform standing that will absolutely blow people away!


***Trifold / The Voodoo Card

This booklet deals with routine specifically using a secret folding of a card. Nathan teaches three of his pet routines including the classic “voodoo card“ which will become a reputation maker for you as should you choose to perform it.


***Kranzo’s recent Lecture DVD

OVER TWO HOURS OF MAGIC & MENTALISM . This is a lecture that was recently recorded live at Marc DeSouza’s private theater. Over 16 different routines taught including some of my strongest Close Up and Stand Up effects!!! Plus SEVEN NEW routines*** that have NEVER appeared in print or on video!!!!!!!


***52 gone vanishing deck + bicycle deck gimmick. This is the coolest deck fan if she will ever see. This is one of Kranzo‘s top sellers and some thing he can never keep in stock. The cdeck of cards visually melts away right in front of your face!!!


***Easy Card Magic Book

This is Nathan‘s top-selling card magic book. It contains over a dozen amazing routines that are all self working. The highlight would be his self working “oil and water” that you can do over the phone or virtually!


***BONUS Old school Kranzo DVD

This is a DVD of Nathan‘s first lecture. You will learn his classics like the moving Tanline, the Stone Purse and much more!


***a cool pocket utility reel

This is a small utility reel that you can use to vanish any small object. A very useful tool that Nathan uses all the time.





***They are getting my complete mentalism course which is FOUR different PDFs. The Mindzilla Mentalism series covers both stand up and close up mentalism that is both practical and easily accessible to the beginner! This is FOUR volumes of mentalism!


***My most recent ZOOM lecture.

This is my most recent lecture where I revealed some brand new coin magic 

brand new card magic, brand new mentalism, and overall gave one of the most informative comprehensive lectures I’ve ever given!


****Mental Closer dvd

This DVD will teach you my famous “add a number“ routine that you can carry in your pocket and use to close your show. This is a monster routine with huge impact. And the best part? It all fits in your pocket.


**** THIS the big value. My HUGE download bundle over THREE HUNDRED $300 of booklets and PDFs added that weren’t available before including all these titles:



This is being touted as one of the best new packet tricks of all time. A streamlined version of the classic “six card repeat“ that has a funny ending and the entire thing is self working!



A borrowed signed coin vanishes only to reappear inside of a zippo lighter!



This is a download that focuses on Coins productions using the NOW classic “JW grip“.


***Instant Travelers

This is a version of the classic Dai Vernon plot where four aces or four selections instantly appear from four different pockets.


***The 4 Aces Project DVD

This DVD is a collection of routines using the four aces. Several amazing for ace productions are taught as well as kranzo‘s famous “cockroach aces“.


***Nice Box

A cool card trick that you will use to fool everyone! Impromptu magic at its best!


***Royal Oak Lecture Notes

A really cool set of lecture notes. Standup routines include Nathan‘s “in the hands“ Triumph and his Vanishing TicTacs!


***The TWO Card trick

This is Nathan‘s version of the classic Deland “2 card Monte“ but with an ending that you won’t see coming. This is one of those rare card tricks that you can do close up or stand up. The final vanish of the card is both startling and fooling!


***Special Notice

 If you are having any difficulty  placing your order please just email me and I will personally help you. Nathankranzo@gmail.com

Lecture DVD



Easy Card Magic Book

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Download Bundle

(Includes FIVE sets of lecture notes and TWO video downloads including my “STAND UP Coin Magic“ DVD)


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Magnetic Reel

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52 Gone Vanishing Deck Gimmick

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EZ ADD A Number DVD 


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