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Kranzo Coin Bundle

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Kranzo Coin Bundle



This is a BUNDLE of
TEN Different collections of COIN MAGIC
From TEN different sources.

Compiled from:

*Lecture Notes
*Marketed Effects

The best part is they are all video and Text files so you get everything instantly!!!!!!!

Here is the list o TEN sources along with WHY each one is important.

1. California Lecture Notes
This is my most recent set of lecture notes that includes my non-gaffed version of "copper silver brass" which has caught quite a bit of attention. Since it's a set of lecture notes you get tons of other Magic as well. Click here for more info

2. Fire Coins
Some might call this "classic Kranzo". Three coins are produced magically with bursts of fire and smoke using a book of matches. The coins meltaway using fire and reappear just as quickly. Click here for more info

3. Flesh and Bone
This is in Eye popping routine that you can do walk around anytime anywhere. It's one of those very strong effects that happens "in the spectators hands". It's a coin-through-hand routine that they won't soon forget. Click here for more info

4. Four Coins For Jimmy
Jimmy Wilson created the coin concealment called JW Grip and I teach some really cool applications for producing and vanishing the coins. Super visual and super magical. Click here for more info

5. Comedy Magic lecture DVD
This is a full lecture on DVD. This is one of the few places where you can find my classic "coin opener" this is the one coin routine that I do more than anything. Three coins appear, jump from hand to hand , vanish, then reappear. It has paid my bills for years. This is a full lecture so there is tons of other great magic routines on the DVD as well. Over TWO HOURS! Click here for more info

6. Rice Crispy Coin
This is a very visual way to transform a Silver dollar into 4 quarters or vice versa. Very shocking. Click here for more info

7. Squish and Other Mysteries
This was one of my first releases 15 years ago! It looks like you literally squeeze a coin into nothing. It fools the crap out of people and if you watch the video it will fool you! Click here for more info

8. Stand Up Progressive Wild Coin
I fooled Richard Kaufman and Ray Kosby with this effect. Each time a coin appears the other coins all change to match it. It's visual coin Magic at its best. Click here for more info

9. Stand Up Coin Magic DVD
This is a full DVD that is jam packed with coin magic that you can do "standing up with no table" for larger audiences. There are eight routines taught. Some of my best coin magic I've created. Click here for more info

10. The Ends
This is my first set of lecture notes over 15 years ago. But it includes one of my favorite coin routines that I still perform to this day. It's called "low tide" and is a hidden treasure. It will look like you're using a shell. But it uses just three ordinary coins. There are several other great routines with cards and other objects that are taught. Click here for more info

All this magic....
A value of over $150......

For only 79.99!!!!!!!!!

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