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Ladies and gentlemen (who am I kidding, this is all dudes reading this...and if not hit me up)

GUYS this is one of my favorites because it is SITUATIONAL, uses the natural properties OF the props to create a beautiful illusion.  Plus it uses candy.  And I also love Candy Canes.  

The majority of this effect relies on the FLIPSTICK Move created by Flip Hallema.

Special thanks to FLIP who has AMAZING chops.  He'll perform visual magic for you until your eyes bleed.  He'll school you bad when it comes to flip stick moves.  Well he did create it!


The flipstick vanish is a GREAT move and you should already know it.  Without teaching all the fine points you essentially flip the pencil, wand, candy cane etc. inwards and it remains pinned against your arm/wrist by your fingers.

Now if we perform the move and then just'll notice your arms hang naturally at your sides and because you are using a candy cane it is a VERY easy matter to simply hook the candy cane onto the nearest pocket or belt loop etc.

To produce the cane slightly turn your body and perform the actions in reverse!  You just steal the cane when your body is turned and nobody is looking.  Now pretend to pull it from behind some child or hot mom's ear. 

OR TRY THIS.  I like to take out a small piece of flash paper and then pretend to dump some sugar into it.  I then fold up the paper and pull out a lighter.  I hand the lighter to whomever is on my far right (that is, if you ditched the cane with your right hand).  Don't hand the lighter to the kid.  Unless your sure he can work it.  

No ask them to light the lighter.  When the lighter is lit your left hold the little piece of flash paper and reaches over and across your body as you turn to the person on your far right.  This turn gives you plenty of cover to steal the candy cane and hold it behind your right hand/wrist.  To produce the cane simple toss the small ball of fire at your right hand as you turn and face forward.  At the same time reverse the mechanics of the flipstick move to produce the cane at your fingertips saying something like "heat and sugar make candy canes!", or "Christmas and fire is awesome!".  

Watch the VID to see what I'm talking about.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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One Bicycle Oh We Gee Card Gimmick

ONE Mene Tekel Deck


Here are the DVDs and descriptions.


Mene Tekel Basics

Basic Ambitious Sequence
Basic Card In pocket
Basic Mind Reading Card Revelation
Basic Card Thru Table

Assorted Mene Tekel Routines

Billy McComb/Grant Gag Revelation.  A hilarious routine created by Billy McComb based on Grant's old gag.  A signed card is torn up and thrown away after a very funny revelation.  Explaining the deck is now no good because it's missing a card.....Instantly a duplicate is produced from the performers pocket....and replaced giving you a full deck once again.  No palming! 

Henry Hardin's Envelope.  An envelope is examined, sealed and signed by a volunteer yet with no false moves when the envelope is held to the light a card can now be seen inside.  When the envelope is torn open the card proves to be the selection.  Once again a SELF WORKING MIRACLE THAT HAS BEEN FORGOTTEN.

Using the MT Deck For Instant Stooge Work.  This simple use can be hilarious and amazing all at the same time.  Thanks to Eugene Gloye for permission to share this gem!

Howard Lyons Secret Second Deal Demo.  Display your skill with an incredible ONE HANDED SECOND DEAL.  This VERY off beat use of the MT deck used as a demonstration of skill....will fry laymen and magicians.

Bruce Elliot Card to Wallet.  Using ANY standard normal and NON GAFFED man's billfold wallet any card selected may be produced from the wallet.  Here is the KILLER part.....The wallet is placed on the table or handed to the volunteer as a proposition BEFORE the card is even returned to the deck.  : )
The Eugene Gloye MT Deck.  Eugene Gloye created a very disarming version of the Mene Tekel pack that makes it even MORE deceptive for close up work.  This overlooked idea is something you'll adopt and use.


Roughed Red Blue Mene Tekel Deck Effects

Marlo's RRBMTD Coincidence.  Credited to Al Baker and Joe Berg this is simply a version that hides the odd back duplicate.  Marlo spent a lot of time with this deck and this effect is based on one of his simplest and most direct solutions!

Yedid It Again.  You begin your show with a red back card sticking out of your pocket...any card is named and the red backed card is revealed to be a match!  This "any named card" prediction from your pocket is fast, direct and nearly self working.

Kranzo's Card To Fly.  Straight from Kranzo's comedy club mind reading act this hilarious routine has been a workhorse in Kranzo's repetoir for years.  For the first time he reveals all the work, gags, lines and timing that make the effect strong and funny as it gets!

She Did it.  This is Kranzo's application of the MT deck to the "any named card" in a sealed envelope plot.  Kranzo reveals inside the sealed envelope a description of what the woman looks like, what she is wearing AND her thought of card!  A show stopper and a reputation maker for mentalists and mind readers

Neal Elias Production
This is a no palm card to pocket that is dead easy.  Any named card is produced from your pocket with no palming.  Simple strong and direct.

The $100 Prediction (In a Hat).  Once again you'll laugh out loud when you see how easy it is to destroy someone's mind with this simple deck.  They think of a card and you bet $100 the card you placed in the hat is the same card.  Guess what happens next?


Farelli In my Pocket.  Any card is touched or cut to by the spectator and the rest of the deck is handed to the performer who places it in his pocket.  The performer reaches in his pocket and withdraws ONE card from the deck.  It is the exact mate of the selection.  A PERFECT MATCH!

Holden/Farelli Coincidence.  Inspired by Victor Farelli's original pseudo MT concept.  A spectator selects ANY card from a tabled spread.  Free choice...for real.  Th spectator is then asked to cut the deck at ANY spot.  When the selected card AND the card that was cut to are revealed they are perfect mates!

X Ray Card Stab 2010.  Straight from Tarbell.  Roy Johnson Was the First to use an MT deck for the card stab.  Jim Steinmeyer and others have published card stabs using the MT deck and similar set ups like Phil Goldstein's Proxy Stab.    This one is DEAD easy and self working.  The spectator does all the work. The cards are handed to the spectator to cut a few times and when she is satisfied she is asked to place the top card in her pocket.  The deck is now wrapped in paper and the spectator herself stabs the deck.  When the paper is torn away the card she stabbed next to is the King of clubs.  The card she placed in her pocket is a perfect match.  The King of Spades!!!  This miracle duplicates the old classic effect but the clever handling makes it self working!  


Instant Signature Duplicate!
Kranzo will teach and show this basic set up and his use of it as an impromptu SIGNED duplicate.  They name a card and sign it.  You now instantly have access to a signed pseudo duplicate.  This is a secret weapon Kranzo has been using to destroy people for years.  Kranzo teaches how to make a signed card appear in their own pocket.  This is such a strong memory for the spectator!!!



  • THE Coin Routine – This is the coin routine that Nathan performs when asked to “do something.” Kranzo uses this to open almost every close up set he performs.
  • Voodoo Card – Nathan’s highly requested handling of the classic Steranko plot is so commercial you’ll see the marketing potential and smile.
  • The Tail – A hilarious sight gag that always gets a huge laugh
  • Al Baker’s “The Knife Dial” – Kranzo’s modernized take on a forgotten effect. A borrowed table knife, or pen, eerily moves across the table pointing at the selected card.
  • Kranzo On Three Fly – Fifteen years of trial and error! Nathan teaches his take on Three Fly. Maybe we should call it Two Fly. You’ll be surprised.
  • The First Trick I Ever Saw – If you have ever seen Kranzo lecture you have probably seen this hilarious effect/gag with a silk or napkin. Nathan uses it as an opener for all of his lectures. It fools magicians to boot!
  • Pimpin’ – This effect ALONE sells for $25! We are crazy to let this go. Learn a hilarious handling that really kills. A deck of card VISUALLY turns into a stack of cold hard cash
  • Wheat Fly – You will laugh out load when you see Kranzo’s version of Three Fly with Wheat Thins. 0 Grams Trans Fat!
  • Tip Trey – “Proving that visual card magic doesn’t have to be difficult, Nathan attacks the suspended card effect in a humorous way. Hang with me here and I think you’ll find you have one of those pleasant moments that simultaneously evokes laughter and amazement.” - Steve Beam “……this is something I believe you’ll do a lot.“ - Jim Sisti

All this and MORE!

*The TEARify DVD


The classic Newspaper Test stripped down to its bare essentials.  Done with NO GAFFS, GIMMICKS or extras.  No math, no thinking other than presentation.  

A page freely chosen from a newspaper is torn into dozens of pieces.  ONE piece is selected.  ONE WORD is thought of on EITHER SIDE of the piece of paper.

You then slowly reveal their thoughts with 100% percent accuracy.  Or for those Too Perfect Theory guys 85% accuracy if you'd like.  It is under you complete control.  

On this DVD Nathan Kranzo will take you through the history of the Newspaper Test starting with work from over 100 years ago to present date.

You see Nathan perform the effect at a theater for real people.  You will learn his incredibly simple method that has fooled many.

You need no extra papers or any gimmicks at all.  You can be handed any paper and perform it naked.

Nothing added, nothing taken away.  A blockbuster classic effect.  STRONG MENTALISM made simple.



"Great effect man!  I can't wait to learn this."

- Jesse Feinberg

"This is awesome.  Love it."

- Jeff Kaylor


 "WOW, that was killer!"

Marcus Eddie

Ever wanted to pick your own pockets?

More specifically.  Ever been looking for something in your pockets and couldn't find it?  Watch as Kranzo searches for his car keys, cell phone, money, and your selected card.  BAM!!!!   In an instant he has produced EVERYTHING.  In one hand is his phone, in the other hand is his keys, in his mouth is a wad of money and now sticking high out of his breast pocket is one card.....your card....the Queen of diamonds.

Thats just ONE possible routine with the Instant Everything system.  Produce a playing card, marshmellow, flip-flop, popsicle, carrot, bannana, wad of money, cigarette or just about anything you can think of in your mouth while at the same time make ANYTHING appear sticking out of your breast pocket as well as other objects in each hand!!!


In this new DVD Kranzo gets away from the tired old coin effect performed at waist level. Hold your coins high and come along for a great ride.

All the routines are performed standing. All the routines are WILDLY visual.

Wish Paper
A flashy (no pun intended) way to produce your coins. The last coin will surprise them EVERY time. Nathan also teaches his versatile Index Finger Shuttle Pass.

Cashing In
Cash in your Casino Chips for real money instantly! Features a bare hand production that will fool them all.

Will The Kort Please Rise
A stand up version of Milt Kort’s classic coins through table routine.  Kranzo adds an extra element that looks like real magic.

When a table is not around push the coins through flesh and bone! We predict this coin through hand routine will be the most talked about coin effect of the DVD!

Guess Which Hand
The presentation of “Guess which hand” is something EVERYONE can relate to. What a clever and magical way to draw someone into your performance.

You’ll have to see this to believe it. Coins turn into snacks! You
will never perform on an empty stomach again!

The Tail
Heads or tails? A question that appeals to everyone. This hilarious effect always gets a roar of laughter.

Four of these routines use nothing more than a regular expanded shell. Three routines use no gimmicks at all!

*** PLUS One Bicycle Oh We Gee Card Gimmick

This gimmick enables you to perform a rising card, haunted deck, make a card fly out of the box etc.

*** PLUS ONE ROUGHED RED BLUE!!! Mene Tekel Deck





$175 worth of material for only $99.



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