Andrew Mayne posted an interesting link on his TWITTER account a couple of days ago. It was a link to an article about a 17 year old who created a new website that has exploded. Its called Chatroulette.

So. I checked it out. Holy s#@&!

First off I must say that it is still in its infancy and I can see it going through some changes. BUT the basic concept is very simple and sound. Push a button to instantly see/talk to a RANDOM person somewhere in the world.

You will see anything from a drunk French guy, giggling college girls, and dudes masterbating.

As I said it is in its infancy still so not much regulation.

But being a dork I decided to just perform magic for random people. I would do something quick to grab their attention. Sometimes the person would quickly click on to the next person but often they would be caught off guard…and then begin watching and commenting. Then often they would grab their friends. I would only do it for maybe 10-30 seconds then say goodbye and move on.

I remember one kid who was probably about 8 or 9 freaking out and trying to get his mom. I believe he was speaking German. Of course when mom stepped in I clicked to the next person. Mom probably didn’t believe him. LOL!

This social media tool like anything else can be used to do terrible and crazy things. BUT I used it for about an hour to seriously MESS with people’s heads and had a BLAST.


Now you can show your new move instantly to some random guy in Honduras.


Click HERE for a new way to perform Magic…..and possibly see a sexually frustrated dude.