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This is a GREAT little card effect that I've used as an opener over the years.  


An old stand buy.  I hope you get as much fun out of it as I have. 


E-Z Intuition

The premise is you will test someone's intuition to see if they can find
their OWN selected card. They find it 3 times. Each phase builds. I
start the effect with a line that gets a laugh. Below is the opening line.
"Generally they say that women are more in tune with their feelings or
'intuitive'. They call it the feminine intuition. SO tonight we will test
someone to see how in tune they are with their feminine intuition......"
(pause for a beat as if looking for someone.....then point at Bob or any
strong male figure in the audience.)
"BOB! Lets do this!"
"Just Kidding....Bob I'll leave you alone...but the lovely lady next to you
, if she would be so kind?  What is your name young lady?"
A nice lady now picks a card and you control it via your favorite method. I 
usually retain the selection on top and simply shuffle not disturbing the top stock.
FORCE ONE. Use Eddie Fechter's packet force as taught in the lecture.
What is nice about this force is it gives you so much freedom to jazz the
force which makes it look so "free". (basically hold a break above the
selection and cut small packets to the table timing so they say stop when
you get to the selection). Its fun to jazz and ask them which pile they'd
like. They tend to pick the last one pointed to. “this one, or this one?”.

FORCE TWO. I use a Charlie Miller force taught to me by Gary Plants. SO 
easy but looks free. It is very similar to the classic force but instead
of spreading the cards in your hands you spread them on the table timing
it so they say stop when you get to the break. Alternatively you could use
a riffle or a dribble force here.
Each time they find their own card I make a big deal about how they 
might have gotten lucky.

FORCE THREE. The third and final force is simply Max Holden's Cross
Cut force. Ask them to quickly cut the deck (lift off half and set it off to the
side). Ask them to do this while not thinking or with their eyes closed.
You now “mark the cut” crossing the deck. At this point recap what
happened and point out the increased impossibility of them finding their
own card. I also point out that for this final sequence I didn't even touch 
the cards and that THEY cut the deck themselves.  This is half true.  : )
While the forces performed actually get easier for the performer they get 
stronger and more impossible in the spectator's eyes.
Have fun with this.  It's strong, easy and enables you to engage with 
someone quickly.  Plus it can be done with any deck of cards just handed 
to you.  If you have any questions please drop me an email at
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