HERE is a great and honest review of INSTANT EVERYTHING and NO SMOKING ZONE by MJ Marrs.  


I just got the "No Smoking" and "Instant Everything" DVDs. I'm pleased with the purchase. The self-contained set up using the pack of cigarettes (No Smoking) is a really cool idea and it makes the effect ultimately practical and it's the version I will probably end up using; I especially like that the props don't get in the way of other routines. Nathan provides different versions so as to allow individuals to choose which one fits them the best.

It seems to me from only one viewing of the DVD that one could use the No Smoking principle at any time during a performance. In other words, it is not limited to an opening trick.

The Instant Everything is also a cool idea that is totally outside-of-the-box thinking. I'm not quite as excited to start working on using this principle as I am with the No Smoking, but I could definitely see myself someday down the road employing use of the concept for a portion of my multiple selection card routine. Once again, the props used are conducive to being easily carried and stored so they don't get in the way of other routines; this makes things practical for folks like me who don't want to spend the time or energy to reorganize the prop arrangement that I've been using for years.