No Smoking ZONE may drop your spectators to the floor.   It often feels like Kung Fu to the brain of the audience.

Read this in depth review by Frank Fogg.  In it Frank tips a fantastic way to perform NO SMOKING ZONE while surrounded at a bar or club.  Frank has a great sense of humor and his magic isn't bad either.  You may have seen his one man issue in Magic Magazine recently as well as some of his card work in Genii Magazine.

No Smoking ZONE

If you could really do magic, you wouldn't do card tricks or link rings together. Let's be honest. We're all selfish bastards. We'd use magic for our own, personal gain. Producing a sandwich, printing our own money, making cute girls at the bar fall in love with us (…at least for the night.) My point is, if we could do magic, then we wouldn't go up to people saying "look what I can do." Instead, if someone says "Oh shoot. I don't have a fork" then boom. A fork appears (without having to hold out a fork every day until someone asks). With his DVD "No Smoking", Nathan Kranzo has created that moment. That moment when the magic happens because of something the spectator says.

"Sorry sir, but there's no smoking allo…." Then, by the time they finish talking, the cigarette in your mouth changes into a stick of gum. Or a PACK of gum. Or a roll of quarters. Or a lollipop. Or a pencil. Or a pink cigarette. Or (do you guys get the idea? It can be nearly ANYTHING.)

Kranzo walks you through the basics, the set up (with both a jacket and just a shirt), as well as some basic applications and a few ideas to get you started. He also offers a few ways to cover the change, if you're not a fan of turning around in a circle (which I'm not). In the times I've tried the effect out, I've been in a loud setting. So instead of turning in a full circle, I wait for someone to say something about the cig in my mouth. Then I say "Huh?" and put both hands on their shoulders as I lean in to hear them yell in my ear "YOU CAN'T SMOKE HERE!" Then, I turn back from the side and they see, with my hands still on their shoulders, that it's now a lollipop (my favorite of the applications).

Production quality is the same as his other DVDs, if not a notch or two higher. Sure Nate could spend more time on production, but if you're only buying a magic DVD for the production value, save your money and get a blu-ray copy of Avatar. The DVD does a fine job of teaching everything you need to know to perform the effect.

Over all, this is a nice idea that although isn't a life changing moment of astonishment, it is a neat moment of magic that allows for itself to be called on. If Kranzo was here, I'd probably give him 8 kisses out of 10 for this effect…

…but not until I changed the cigarette in my mouth into a bottle of mini mouthwash. I like my kisses minty.
Frank Fogg

Thanks so much Frank!  Hope to hear from you again soon.    : )