A new release from Nathan Kranzo and Ellusionist.




Devils' Peek This is a real worker. No more crazy peek devices, impression pads or special pens. Just someone's thought. You have them write down ANYTHING and peek the information in the smoothest manner with NO gimmicks. No folds, tears or any of that whacky stuff.

Chi Break A powerful effect that happens "in their hands". A match that they choose from a pile of matches breaks in THEIR hands.

Easy Canasta This effect has become a sort of HOLY GRAIL over the last few years. A shuffled deck has three cards selected and placed in three different pockets by you and your spectator. You predict the EXACT CARDS in the EXACT pockets that you and your SPECTATOR placed them in. YOU NEVER GO NEAR THE SPECTATOR.

Spent A great visual quickie that can be performed with any borrowed pack of matches. You pull a match from a matchbook and squeeze it in your fist. It immediately starts to burn and SMOKE pours from your fist. Uses no chemicals or fancy gaffs. Match is shown burnt up and spent.

Spent Transpo This takes the same effect from SPENT above and puts it into THEIR hands. A match placed in their hand changes places with a burning match in YOUR hand. Great magic that happens in their own fist.

Voodoo Bill A strong piece of "in their hands" magic. A signed card FOLDS itself as if by Voodoo, then a borrowed bill begins to BURN inside the hand of a spectator. The burning energy transfers from the card to the bill in their hand. No one is harmed but they will be astonished.

There is no Spoon Building on other famous spoon benders like Uri Geller, Ben Harris, Banacheck and Richard Osterlind.....Kranzo takes spoon bending to a new level. A borrowed spoon slowly bends as it comes in contact with a spectator's hand. It continues to bend, and then bends some more. Finally the metal of the spoon becomes TWISTED while inside of their fist. The "hands off" phase Kranzo teaches here is worth the price of the DVD.

Stiletto Dangerous and sexy doesn't usually come in the form of a card effect. This one has it all. Any card can be selected. It can be signed by everyone in the room. The cards are fairly shuffled. A stilleto switch blade is produced. Asking them to concentrate on their card you STAB the knife into the deck! The knife sinks into the deck impaling the cards. A perfect cut that reveals the selected card.

BONUS: Credit Card Vanish The PERFECT opener for the bar or club...or anytime your just paying your tab. Any borrowed credit card or drivers license can be vanished BARE HANDED. Both hands are seen completely empty. This one will fool the $#!% out of you.


I always enjoy Nate's work, he's a fun guy and I've also had a video session with him. His products are no nonsense, real world tested effects - and that's true because if you see this guy's schedule he's always on the move, performing and lecturing around the U.S.

Boondock Mental is a DVD with 8 effects of his. I wouldn't say they are pure mentalism effects, but also have magic and mystery infused into them. This review won't have an effect by effect breakdown as that's already been done. Nate's style is goofy and funny; it's fun to watch him perform and you get to see this before the explanations of each effect. The explanations are well done, detailed and he goes over the technique and thinking behind each one.

I see a couple of effects and techniques that I will be using very soon. The peak idea is something I loved. It's bold, simple and can be adapted even to playing cards. There are no complicated setups, tears, and funny moves. There is a very cool triple prediction that will surely blow the socks off of laymen and some magicians alike. More than the technique, I was impressed with the revelation and the whole idea of using the pockets, etc. The handling is something I'm trying to incorporate into an existing effect I do to strengthen it. Similarly, I can see the card stab effect as something I would combine with a haunted pack routine.

Voodoo card is my favorite of the lot. I learned something very similar during my video session with Nate and I'm glad (and also a little sad) to see he shared this. Again, there are many ways to adapt this and it's up to you to think about it.

The video is packed with a good variety for everyone's liking so there are cards, matches, information retrieval, and some PK.

In the end, this is definitely a video I'd recommend to people interested in typical Kranzo style magic. There are some great ideas that you can take further, use in so much of your other magic and excellent tips on presenting these. Make sure you don't miss the sharpie technique (use it in your anniversary waltz). I might be using just 2 effects directly but importantly I'll definitely be using the rest indirectly.

Women will love this DVD; they will swoon after seeing Kranzo in high-def in case they haven't seen him in real.



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