1. Perform amazing magic with borrowed objects.

It could be something as simple as performing a coin effect with borrowed quarters.  Or you can borrow a penny and cause it to break by starring at it. Borrow a key and cause the metal to twist, rub the signature on a borrowed bill changing it into THEIR name and let them keep it, cause a borrowed quarter to heat up and bend, change a one dollar bill into a five, or how about causing a borrowed bill to smoke! Click here for a great example.

2. Perform something amazingly visual.

This can be something as simple as a well executed color change with cards....all the way up to card thru window. Cause a dollar bill to FOLD UP by itself, your shoelaces to TIE THEMSELVES, a torn newspaper visually restores, make your tie change color, stab thru the deck to a selected card with a knife. Click here for a great example.

3. Do something magical in THEIR hands.

Cause one little sponge ball to multiply into 3O little balls. make ashes, words or numbers appear on their palm, cause an English Penny to vanish or change into a quarter in their closed fist, cause a quarter to melt in their hand, make a piece of chocolate and a piece of gum change places in their hands. A piece of cut string restores in their fist etc. Click here for a great example.

4. Make something move.

A deck of cards cuts all bit itself to the selected card. A stick of gum slowly creeps out of the pack when you offer them a stick. A pen placed onto the table rolls off and falls to the floor, A card slowly rises from the deck while in the card box THEY are holding, a borrowed pencil slowly rises up to the sky when placed into a bottle, a fork laying on their hand moves and falls off their hand to the floor. Click here for a great example.

5. Make something VANISH and appear in an Impossible Location.

A signed playing card is rubbed away to nothing and appears under their Drink! A playing card is signed, vanishes, and appears in a sealed envelope or wallet. A borrowed ring vanishes and appears inside of a Walnut, A borrowed coin vanishes in a flash of fire and appears inside of a nest of wallets, a borrowed Cell phone vanishes and appears inside a loaf of bread. A borrowed bill vanishes and appears inside a lemon, four borrowed objects vanish and appear in different pockets! Click here for a great example.

6. Read their mind, or tell them something they merely thought of.

Reveal their Telephone Number or, a friends name, a favorite color, food etc.  Tell them a word they are thinking of from a borrowed book. Reveal their thought of card, tell them which hand they are holding a coin in, reveal to them their birthday or astrological sign.  Maybe tell them what drink they are thinking of and then produce it.  Click here for a great example.

7. Give them an interesting or impossible object as a souvenir.

A magically Bent and TWISTED Fork, A playing card with TWO cards melted together, a penny morphed with a nickel, two pretzels linked together, a bent wine glass, a coin stuck in a bottle etc. Click here for a great example.

8. Produce something amazing and unexpected.

A refreshing ice cold drink from your wallet, a giant rock the size of your foot removed from your shoe. an icecream cone from your pocket, any unexpected object, a small animal or child, a giant block of ice, hundreds of cockroaches, or cause a giant lollipop to appear in your mouth. Click here for a great example.

9.  Predict something that will happen in the newspaper, on your voicemail, or with facebook, twitter etc.

Reveal what card they thinking of in the local newspaper THAT DAY. Or have them call your 1-800 number to reveal their thought of card, or what they had for breakfast, favorite color, their breast size etc. You can reveal a picture of the city they are thinking of on your Facebook page posted the day before. You predict an audience members favorite car, and vacation destination with a Twitter post seconds before the effect started. Click here for a great example.


If you can get into the room before the audience you can do things like placing a force card under a tablecloth or inside a sugar packet. You can load things under chairs, stuck on windows, inside vending machines etc. Load someone's pocket with a force card, a coin or other object. You can vanish a duplicate that object and have them reach in their pocket to reveal it. Very easy to drop things in handbags too. You can find out their birthday and have them write down their name, burn the paper with their name written on it and perform ashes on arm to reveal birthday. Find out a person's name or address or phone number and you can do so many things. Any preshow info you have can be used to "feed back" to them during revelations if you are performing a mentalism piece. For instance if you know someone's street address you can combine that with the revelation of their selected card. “I see two BIG hearts at the end of a street. I think the road is Jackson, or Jason...I think it's Jackson Avenue...and you are thinking of the Two of Hearts is that right?”. Of course you'll be right and this plays huge. Click here for a great example.