Fire Coins Video

Fire Coins Video + The Squish Vanish
Fire Coins Video

Fire Coins Video

Happy Holidays FREEBIE from Kranzo Magic

The Production Sequence
A book of matches is introduced or borrowed. A match is removed and lit. Suddenly it morphs into a coin. Another match is lit and dropped into the magician’s hand. Flames shoot out of his fist and a coin is removed. Finally, a third match is pulled out but not lit. The magician squeezes the match inside his clenched fist where it begins to emit heat causing smoke to pour out of his fist and the final coin is produced.

The Vanish Sequence
A lighter is produced and the first two coins vanish one at a time in a VERY magical way as they are waved over the open flame. A spectator lights the lighter and the third and final coin vanishes as it is held over the flame.

The Finale
The first two coins quickly materialize from apparently empty hands by “cooling” down the hot fingers. The third coin is produced after some impromptu fire-eating using the lighter. No real fire-eating is required. You apparently ingest fire and produce a coin from your mouth.

Here is what some people have said after witnessing Nathan’s incredible effect……

“Fire Coins is something I know I’ll work up and perform – the audience sees elegant, elemental magic and it can be done close-up or in a parlor setting.” - Joe M. Turner, Genii Magazine

“His method for producing real smoke from a previously empty hand is genius. The effect is flawless and absolutely beautiful.” - Tim Quinlan, Inside Magic

“Fire Coins” will surely be appreciated by the numismatically inclined as three coins are produced from either match flames or flashes of fire and vanish just as dramatically. Once again, Mr. Kranzo employs simple and efficient methodologies to accomplish the magic and while his great skill with coins is clearly evident, the necessary handlings are well within the technical range of most intermediate coin workers. - Jim Sisti,

“I’ll be using “Fire Coins,” an item in which three coins are produced from fire and are then vanished into fire in a very visual manner. It’s squeaky clean.” - Mike Powers

“Those familiar with Nate’s previous work may recognize some of these ideas from routines such as Hot Sauce and Volcanic Coin from his Outside The Box DVD. He has blended the best components of each to form a three coin production that looks unreal. Those who have never experimented with these ideas are in for a treat.”

- Caleb Wiles,

Kranzo Magic takes NO responsibility for anyone who burns themselves while performing this effect. Nathan teaches a safe and effective way to perform this but playing with fire is dangerous and you should proceed with caution.

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