Howdy folks!

Have a brand new lecture that i’m busting out this Thursday for the local club in Royal Oak, MI. Its at the Royal Oak Community Center at 7pm. Come check it out!

Found this great little pick while going through some old photos. Todd and I were talking about them when I just went and visited him a few weeks ago. We miss you Klause and Malcolm! Look at Randy. : ) Ah we miss you a lot brother.

Anybody know who the guy facing away is? : )

Here is a great little bit that you can try tonight, tomorrow, or right now. Anybody use ring flight? If you don’t its one of the strongest little effects you can carry in your pocket. Yeah there are horror stories about losing rings but I’ve never had a problem PLUS you don’t HAVE to use a ring. Some of the best thoughts on this subject are from T.A. Waters and Bill Duncan. Look up their thoughts on it.

Anyhoo. If you already have a Ring Flight then you know how to use it. You probably even have your own favorite loading technique. Well…..lets change the moment. What if you place their borrowed ring in your pocket? Then you produced a key case from another pocket and all of a sudden. POOF the key case visually vanises in a blink. Of course if you reach in your pocket where the ring was place there is the key case. And of course inside…….

Something to think about. Just thinking out loud….



P.S. What else could you borrow that would clip on and vanish onto a Ring Flight? I’d love to hear your feedback on this guys. Any thoughts?