Do YOU Like Mentalism? You should. Here's Why!

I performed close up and strolling magic for years before I stumbled upon one of the strongest effects in my repertoire.

The effect was the basic revelation of a "thought of" WORD under the guise of a card trick.

The revelation of the thought of word was always so powerful and sometimes even moved people to the point of extreme laughter or even tears of joy.

This shocked me.

I discovered something powerful.


Revealing something that is Relevant and personal to someone such as a thought, or someone's name, is 1000 times more relevant than most of the magic that we do.

If you reveal their 7 of hearts
in your wallet that's bad ass.

BUT if you rub ashes on your arm and reveal their mother's name.....You are a miracle worker.

And you will be talked about forever.

If you haven't discovered the power of Mentalism I am offering some simple tools to help you along the way.

If you HAVE already been applying Mentalism to your performances then you might want to add some of these weapons to your arsenal.

The Tru Test
Magazine Test
They think of a word in the magazine and you tell them....this is a closer.

The Coolest Book Test
Two gimmicked soft bound books that can be examined. An amazing book test that you will love.

Mindzilla Series Vol. 1-3
Three volumes full of powerful mentalism effects that are offbeat and original.

EZ Add A Number
Using some borrowed business cards or a small writing pad you can perform one of the strongest effects!!! And as you'll see on the DVD… The closer to my act.

Use any borrowed magazine or newspaper to perform an amazing feat of impromptu mentalism.