Every day people ask me how I create routines, magic and comedy.  There is no exact way.  But my favorite way to create is to just play with a premise and see what happens.  When it comes to comedy I try to create a comedic situation on stage and see what can be birthed from it.  Sometimes nothing.  Sometimes I wonder what the hell I was thinking.  Other times you are given gifts of pure gold. 

Creating interactive situations with your audience is key.  Today I'd like to share with you a way to make an effect you ALREADY know much more entertaining.

The focus for me in this routine is creating a FUNNY SITUATION with the spectator on stage and finally and AMAZING AND MAGICAL REVELATION of the selected card.

One of the strongest and most magical effects of ALL CARD MAGIC is the Rising Card.  Anytime a card moves or slides from the deck it looks so ghostly and magical.  People don't soon forget seeing things like this.  This is why it is a classic.

So grab your old Arne Rising Card deck, or your Oh Wee Gee Card Gaff, or your elastic thread or WHATEVER.  The method doesn't really matter although I would recommend my effect Box Monster.

The premise for the effect is that if the volunteer concentrates on their card, combined with BOTH of your focused energies....the card will reveal itself from the deck.

The PICTURE I like to create on stage is this.

The spectator is holding the cased deck.  I either hold their hand or ask them to EXTEND THEIR FINGER and we touch fingers just like E.T.

Essentially I am creating this "circle of energy".  I ask her to concentrate on her card and to hold the box high in the air. 

I pretend its not working after a false start or two.  Then I pull out a 9 volt battery and say something like "we need more juice Mable...".

I then TRY AS hard as I can to get them to stick their tongue on the battery.  (the battery I have does not have any life left so it doesn't shock your tongue).  

Trying to get them to put their tongue on the battery is where you get to have fun and play.

Obviously you can milk tons of comedy out of this moment.  I usually keep trying to get them to put their tongue on the battery several times until they either refuse or they actually comply and begin to stick out their tongue....and then I'll pull it away from them and say "wow she was actually gonna do it!".  Do not actually let them touch it.  That is gross.

Then I'll slowly grimace and apply the Battery to my tongue.  As I do this I shake slightly and I shake her hand as well.  By this time she will relax and the combination of that and my shaking will usually be enough to get the card to rise from the box.  If not then I'll simply tell her to relax...and that does the trick.

Once the card starts to rise people will gasp and when you reveal it is actually the selected card you will receive applause.

It occurs to me that the method you are using must be based on tension where the card will rise when pressure is released on the deck.  Since many modern card rises rely on this you should not have a problem.  As always email me with any questions!  nathankranzo@gmail.com



P.S.  MAKE SURE THE BATTERY IS DEAD.  I accept no responsibility for anyone who burns their tongue.  Putting a battery on your tongue is stupid.  But i do it.