Great news.


I have to admit the response to this effect has been crazy.  I mentioned on The Magic Cafe that when I performed this effect for David Copperfield he and I came up with some cool ideas. ONE of them was to have a borrowed dollar bill change into an origami bill while at your lips.  Call it ORAL GAMI. HAH.  Another idea was to have a french fry change into a chicken nugget or a carrot.  You really are only limited by your imagination by this effect!  Do you have a great idea with this?  PLEASE POST IT HERE.  If its good I'll share it with everyone.  Or maybe even give you a free VIP KIT!!!  : )


I've decided to make the VIP KITS available for $50!!!

I have a SMALL quantity available.   Small.

With this KIT you receive...

1.  THE NO SMOKING Gimmicks. 

2.  The DVD signed and numbered by me...Nathan Kranzo.

3.  THREE Bonus Routines that are not published and did not appear on the DVD!!!

The NO SMOKING gimmick consists of a gaffed cigarette and another special gimmick. 

Want one?  you have to just drop me an email.  Or you can paypal me using  Just put VIP KIT as the title.  add $4 for US and $8 for foreign orders.

thanks guys!