U.F. Grant's Tru Test was released over 80 years ago and inspired many modern day Magazine and Book Tests such as FLASHBACK by Larry Becker and Lee Earl, THE MASTER KEY by Terry Rogers, and probably the most infamous of them all The Mother Of All Book Tests, by Ted Karmilovich and many more.  The TRU TEST is the cleanest test ever created.  Why?  Because they get to look at a page FULL OF WORDS and think of ANY word.  Then you tell them!  Many book tests try to duplicate the original TRU TEST but fail.   Here are the instructions to the original TRU Test.  I  have changed very little, even using the majority of the original  text.  The only changes I have made are the fact that it is now a TIME or NEWSWEEK magazine rather than a Reader's Digest as was used originally.  I have also updated the words and tried to make them more interesting.  Other than's still the original brilliant idea from Johnnie Murray by U.F. Grant. - Kranzo


Several pages are torn out of a current TIME magazine.  A random page is chosen and handed to a volunteer.  From then on you never handle the page.  You ask the volunteer to TEAR the page in half and discard a piece dropping it to the floor.  They continue to tear and discard pieces of the page until only a small piece remains.  They can even CHANGE THEIR MIND AND exchange their final piece for ANY piece on the ground.  The volunteer can now look at either side of the piece and and just THINK of a word.  You can be blindfolded or across the room and tell them the word with 100% accuracy.

This is the real work on the magazine test.  Period.

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