Reviews for the TRU TEST are coming in and so far so GREAT!!!!  

Here is the first one posted at Jheff's Maketplace Of The Mind

Nathan Kranzo's mentalism products have been spotty, to say
the least. His demo videos and instructional videos have
been, let's say, "quality-challenged." However, this is
actually something I have to give a thumbs-up and there is
no instructional DVD. It's simply an update on the classic
Grant test, as indicated in the blurb. This test was a big
influence on Ted Karmilovich's THE MOTHER OF ALL BOOK TESTS
and one could see this as a magazine version of that, if one
needs to get more of an idea of what this is.

The original utilized a Reader's Digest and this uses a Time
or Newsweek. So the pages are larger and slicker. One side
of the page features a photo of an astronaut and the other
has a photo of jellyfish. There is a generous amount of
text on each page. 

The word list has also been updated. Every word can be
visualized. Now, I've only performed it a couple of times,
but one of the words in the list is "intercourse." I can't
wait for someone to choose that and have them visualize it.

The package comes polybagged with 100 copies of a magazine
page and a folded 11x17 card. The instructions are in the
inside of that card. It takes up the equivalent of two
pages. Kranzo explains the basics and provides some ideas,
none of which would be new to the experienced mentalist. 

At $100, and with 100 copies, that's about $1 for each copy. 
That's not really a bad price, I suppose. Kranzo suggests
you have a page inside a magazine, have it ripped out, and
then it's torn into pieces. One doesn't have to do that,
though. I think Kranzo did a good job updating this classic
for the 21st century. 

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