Yesterday I had the luck to perform at the Toledo Zoo next to the Cheetahs and Monkeys.  It was fantastic.  

I was hired by a private company to come in and entertain about 100 guests in the Africa Room (a beautiful private meeting place nestled deep inside the zoo).

I was given the boardroom to prepare for my show and sit in private before someone would come along and take me away for showtime.  

While I was sitting and relaxing I noticed some weird noises coming from outside.  Nobody told me there were several monkeys outside the doors!  

Just outside those three large doors you see in the photo below there was a giant enclosure full of some of the most amazingly beautiful creatures I'd ever seen.

They are Colobus Monkeys and when they are born they are completely white!  They have long flowing white tails almost like a main on a horse.  

I walked outside and immediately they all noticed me and they all gave me a look in unison like "check out this guy?  .....who is this dude??"

They just stared at me for about a minute then slowly went back to what they were doing.  But one or two of them kept a good eye on me to make sure I was "cool".  : )

I walked up to them and one of them walked right up to me and made faces at me.  

I tried to show them a card trick but they weren't buying it.

They gave me some peace and some great energy.  They were very cool dudes to hang out with before my show.

Monkeys rock.