Ellis Stanyon published and edited his own journal known as Magic (Stanyon's Magic).  In the first issue of Magic he set out his intention which was to‚ 'popularize the Art of Sleight of Hand'. It was first published in October 1900 and ran for 177 issues with a break during World War I; the final issue was published in June 1920.

A few years back L&L publishing released a huge hardbound volume that was a collection of all of the magazines. I own it and it is one of the coolest books I have in my library.   Also happens to be the thickest and heaviest. It's huge!

It is full of great Magic. It is encyclopedic in nature.

The book that I would like to bring your attention to today is also by Ellis Stanyon but is lesser-known. It is a more slender volume but has some amazing card magic. Much of which simple and sleight free.

In particular you will find of interest the chapter titled "tricks performed without the aid of sleight of hand".

The book is called "Card Tricks For Everyone" with an introduction by John Mulholland. It is a collection of great card magic both impromptu and using apparatus.

There are some real hidden gems in this book. For instance there is a very old trick called "the card banner (new method)"

The effect is pretty cool. Three chosen cards shuffled with the rest of the pack.  The pack is then thrown into the air and the selected cards are caught on a black velvet banner.

Imagine someone updating this effect with a modern presentation and a scarf......or even maybe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend's old T-shirt. This is a very visual magical effect.

Another piece of gold is an effect titled "Long-Distance Second Site With Cards". This is an effect that you would perform with another performer or partner....if you teach this effect to your friend or significant other you will have a miracle that you can perform anywhere.

One of my favorite tricks in the book is very simple but it will entertain and fool!!!!

The name of the trick is "to discover a chosen card by its weight".

It's a very easy effect.....it's all in the presentation. You have 12 cards taken from the deck and the effect is performed with just those 12 cards. You have a card selected from the 12. You handle the remaining 11 cards and after a few moments you announce that you have memorized the weight of all the cards.

When the selection is received in the right-hand press the thumbnail heavily on the right-hand corner which will result in a slight bruise on the face of the card. The cards can be shuffled as much as you want. Now ask the spectator to hand the cards to you one at a time and it's an easy matter to feel for the bruise as you are handling each card.

As each card is handed to you you place the cards one at a time alternately on the back of the right and left hand as if you are weighing them.

This is so simple but the presentation is killer.

Do you have a favorite Stanyon affect? If so can you please post it on the blog here below where it says "comments". Thank you so much and as always thanks for reading.


P.S. I highly recommend anything with Stanyon's name on it.

Here is a list of many of his books