Howdy Folks!!!

This post includes tips for my effect EYE OPENER

Like I said, nothing fancy just an eyeball on a reel.

The instructions are literally "bend over and pretend to put the eyeball in your head and let go of it"

I fasten it in inside my jacket on my inner left breast pocket.

The line runs from the inside of my jacket to my left hand.  The left hand holds the eyeball by the bottom and the hand naturally hides the plastic connection.

I just let go of the eye as I bend my head over. That's it.

The bigger motion of bending your head down and leaning forward covers the small movement of releasing the eyeball by the left hand.

Let me know if you have any questions or there is any confusion :-)

Another tip would be don’t hold the eye ball as the snap can come unsnapped, but rather show the eyeball holding by the plastic snap piece.  

If you have trouble with the eyeball coming un-snapped try releasing it from a different grip point as already mentioned. If you still have trouble you can always permanently glue the snap and the eyeball together. But I prefer to have it interchangeable.