I love card magic.

I love card tricks.  Nothing is more satisfying knowing you can give astonishment and magic feelings to someone with a few pasteboards. 

The last few years I have been addicted to SELF WORKING CARD MAGIC.  The Semi Automatic series put out by Steve Beam is a gold mine.  The Self Working Card Magic books put out by Karl Fulves are another gold mine.  The most recent release from John Bannon is great too!

There are other collections of self working tricks by Stanyon, Jordan, Annemann and the list goes on for miles. 

I recently released a download through Ellusionist called Self Working Card Magic with some of my creations. Two of my favorites are the Card Thru Shoe and a self working Ace Production that happens by spectator's own hands. http://www.ellusionist.com/self-working-card-tricks.html

But, I honestly believe I have created some of my BEST Self Working Card Magic most recently.  I have a new collection of about a dozen effects that I'm in love with and can't wait to share with you.

Something I absolutely LOVE is finding a new card trick that is either VERY CLEVER, HAS A NEW METHOD, OR A NEW/FRESH PLOT.

I recently read this really cool card trick called "Match It" by Tom Osborne and Lu Brent. 

The idea is soooo clever and simple. 

Get any four of a kind, say the four kings, together and force one of them, cutting the others to the top of the deck.  Turn your back, while the card is being displayed, taking this opportunity of pushing the three other kings up your sleeve or under your belt/in your waste-band. 

Hand the deck to the spectator, have him replace his card, shuffle the deck vigorously and hand the cards to you behind your back.  State that you are going to attempt to find the chosen card and the three that match it......with the cards behind your back.  Face forward and pull the three kings back out of your sleeve and onto the deck and bring forward the top king and place it on the table face down. 

Now false shuffle and cut and lay the second king down.  Repeat so there will be three kings on the table. Repeat the false shuffle and deal an indifferent card to make four cards total.  Three kings and one indifferent card.  

At this point state that you believe you are correct but that you would like to check up before continuing.  Fan rapidly through the deck, locate the 4th king, bring it to the top and blandly announce that you have indeed been successful. 

Ask the spectator to name his card, pick up the 4th king from the top of the deck, flip over the indifferent card, executing a MEXICAN TURNOVER SWITCH and continue flipping over the other three with the indifferent card. 


what a great trick right???  The idea of sleeving the cards, or putting them in your back pocket even, is brilliant.  Not only is it a great way to control the cards but there is always that moment when you turn around "while they look at their card and show it around".  This moment is always a great moment to do something sneaky because they are not paying attention to you at all.

SO.  My goal, and my challenge to you is this.

Can we take out the Mexican Turnover?  Can we make it self working?

One of my favorite solutions to a problem like this is to eliminate the move and replace it with a unique subtlety, unique movement or unique presentation twist.

There is really no wrong answer.  But lets have some fun!!!  I'll post my thoughts and solution in a day or two.  : )  Have fun!!! : )