Steve beam for president!

Steve beam is one of the best guys ever. He is literally one of my heroes. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to call him a friend I was lucky to hang out with Steve on a number of occasions in Toronto at the 31 Faces North gatherings and at several other random conventions throughout the years. Steve is one of my favorite Magcians in the universe. He has incredible chops. Amazingly creative. Really smart. Big brain. And the icing on the cake is that he is absolutely hilarious.

He will make you cry laughing while he destroys you with incredible sleight-of-hand magic with cards AND coins AND thimbles AND anything else he can got his North Carolinian hands-on.

He really has amazing chops and can do amazingly difficult sleights. But one of my favorite things about Steve's output of magic material is his collection of nearly self working card magic.

Oh yeah. He'll beat you up with sleight of and can easily finish you off with something self working. As you breathe your last breath of air to say "thank you" for the magical ass beating you just received.

Ten volumes of material. That's sooooooo much great card magic.

This is a collection of material from Steve and many of his friends that is either self working or minimal sleights. Or as Steve has coined the term "Semi Automatic Card Tricks".

This series of books is is full of so much good material it's staggering.

The thing that makes Steve's card Magic so great is not only the construction and the fact that it will FRY you, but also the fact that he includes his full script and presentation. Going through these books is like taking a class in comedy writing.

It's hard to choose a favorite because there isn't one that's better than the other they're all just really good. So I chose volume five at random. Mainly because I have a trick in this volume :-)

My trick is called "tip trey" and I teach it a lot in my lectures. It's one of my favorite ways to suspend/levitate a card that's easy and magical.

My favorite trick in the book is actually a trick of Steve's that I added to my professional repertoire. Thats a statement that I can rarely say about anything. I won't tell you which one it is. It's too good to tip. But if you read the book you'll find it.

The funniest trick in the book is a trick that Steve created called "foregone conclusion".

The first time I saw it, it fooled me really bad and I thought it was funny. I saw Steve perform it again for somebody else and I thought it was hilarious. I saw him perform a third time and I cried laughing. After that, anytime I saw him do it I would cry laughing it was so funny. There's not many card tricks you can say that about.

It's also probably the only trick I've ever seen using a down under deal that was entertaining. Look it up.

I promise you just pick up anyone of these volumes and start digging in you'll be glad you don't have to read them in order. Just get one. And start having fun.

Oh, I almost forgot. Do you have a favorite Steve Beam Trick? Do you have a favorite Steve Beam book? Please share and let me know. Please post right here at the blog where it says "comments".