Copper Silver Brass Routines

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Here is another variation of my original Copper Silver Brass routine
Click HERE for my original copper silver brass routine!!! 

*****Finally here is a write up of my full routine:

Copper Silver Brass Routine 2018

You will be using the Copper Silver Brass gaff created by Pressley Guitar. This routine was inspired by a routine of Yuji Wada.

I use only the nested gimmick itself and one normal half dollar...and discard the extra coins. They will not be needed.

To begin the routine I start with the normal American Half Dollar hidden underneath the coin purse on the table. Alternately you can have the coin hidden underneath the cardbox or any other item.

The nested gaff is in your right hand finger palm with the silver side against the fingers. This way when you push the coin out at the fingertips they will see the silver side and it will look like you have just produced a half dollar.

I usually produce this first coin by lighting a piece of flash paper and simply pushing the nested gaff to my fingertips as the flash paper burns.

This is a very visual production and will get everyone's attention.

I know perform and retention vanish apparently placing the silver coin into my left hand but retaining in the right-hand.

I reach to my left elbow and say "if I am quick I can catch the coin as it flies up my sleeve!".

Once I produce the silver coin again I show it to the audience and then display it on my left hand in an open fingerpalm position, silver side up.

I now perform a "fake take". Apparently picking up the silver gaff from the left hand but in reality leaving it there

The right hand and fingers are held as if they are holding the coin and pretend to run it in your left elbow. Your left hand then reaches over to your right elbow and produces the coin, apparently plucking it from the right elbow and showing it in the left hand open fingerpalm position.

This entire sequence is mainly a psychological ploy to subtlety imply that the silver half dollar is "normal" without saying so. This quick "one coin flurry" does a good job at making the half seem normal.

Now you will perform a very suspicious move trying to confuse them.

"If I do a sneaky move like this you're not sure if the coin is in my left hand or my right hand?",

Suiting actions towards you now bring your hands together and make it look like you have tossed the coin from your left hand into the right. In reality you just toss the insert but retain the shell.

It's easy. Just rotate your left hand palm down and the insert will fall out of the shell, if you slightly curl your left fingers the shell will be retained in left fingerpalm.

As soon as the insert falls into your right hand, close your hand so they can't see what's there.

You can now immediately open your right and left hands showing the two foreign coins have appeared and slowly lift the purse on the table to show that the half dollar has vanished and jumped underneath the coin purse!

***Make sure you are showing the copper side of the copper silver insert in the right hand, and that you are showing the top of the shell in the left-hand and not the underside :-)

This is an extremely visual moment!!

Phase Two
At this point display the coins on the open left hand and you will perform the standard CSB move.

The insert is on the bottom, then the shell, then the real half dollar on top of all. The left hand closes into a fist which causes the gaff to nest. Your right hand reaches into your left fist and extracts the nested gaff displaying the silver side so it appears to be the single silver half dollar.

Using the table, or someone outstretched hand, I know pin the gaff under my closed left fist so that the gaff is pinned between my fist and the table perpendicularly.

Now for the cool part. All you have to do is literally open your left hand which causes the gaff to fall forward un-nesting itself and when you open your left hand they will see the half dollar. It's a very beautiful and visual instant transposition.

i show this in the video clip below...

Pick up the coins and place them back into your left hand in the same position that you started with.

The coins are displayed spread out into the open left hand. The insert is on the bottom, then the shell, then the half dollar on top of all. I close may hand into a fist nesting the gimmick. Turn my hand palm down keeping it in a fist. I reach in and pull out the nested gimmick displaying it as a half dollar and place it into my pocket as I say “my uncle offered me 50 cents to teach him the trick...I said no way!”. I now reach in and pull out the next half dollar which is a surprise to the audience. “He offered me another 50 cents. A full dollar!! So I said sure I'll tell you how it's done.”

As I say that I put the second half dollar in my pocket. Then I slowly open my left hand to reveal it completely empty.
The appearance of TWO half dollars is surprising. PLUS You get a great vanish for no work. Thanks to Connie Hayden who created the Two Copper One Silver gimmick that Presley Guitar later enhanced creating the Copper Silver Brass. Special thanks to J.C. Wagner for permission to include his fantastic “in the hands” handling.

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