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Posted by Nathan Kranzo on January 29, 2013. 0 Comments

Merry Christmas FREEBIE from Kranzo Magic!!!



Never underestimate a good whiskey. 

Never underestimate the power of a good card force.  

Never underestimate the power of a good SIMPLE card force 

The Behind The Back SHOT

How it works!  

The Force card is FACE UP on the bottom of the face down deck.

Offer the FACE down deck to be cut behind your back by someone.

Have them cut off about half the deck

Ask them to come from behind you....or back up, so you are now even with them.  

Face front for a moment and while your the deck is STILL behind your back use your left thumb to flip the bottom card to the top.  

It revolves around the deck and face down in the process.  Bring the deck to the front and offer the top card to the person on your left as the card cut to.

IN this case the 9 of hearts was reversed on bottom and was flipped around to the top into force position.  

The deck is clean.  

Inspired by Annemann and Al Baker.  

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

Posted by Nathan Kranzo on December 24, 2012. 25 Comments

Winter Schedule!!!

Howdy Folks!

It has been a while since I posted my schedule so here it is for the next few months.

IF you are within range of one of my shows....

Come and see me please!!!!!


9 Columbus, OH  Hosting Penguin LIVE

12 Traverse City, MI Corporate Event

16 Columbus, OH Hosting Penguin LIVE

22 Port Huron, MI Private Party 

30 Columbus, OH  Hosting Penguin LIVE


3 Scranton, PA Lecture for SAM Club

6 Columbus, OH Hosting Penguin LIVE

13 Columbus, OH Hosting Penguin LIVE

14 Springfield, PA Lecture for PHILLY IBM Club

18 Flint, MI @ Churchill's.  Comedy Magic and Mayhem Show w/ Jeff Arcuri, Kent Tucker, Tom E. Thompson and Garri Madera.  

20 Columbus, OH Hosting Penguin LIVE

21 Chicago, IL Lecture IBM Club

26 Mt. Clemens, MI @ DOOLEY's Comedy Show Headliner

27 Columbus, OH Hosting Penguin LIVE


2 Grand Rapids, MI Corporate Event

3 Columbus, OH Hosting Penguin LIVE

6 Chicago, IL  Private Party

10 Columbus, OH Hosting Penguin LIVE

17 Columbus, OH Hosting Penguin LIVE

18 Fort Wayne, IN Lecture for SAM Club

24 Columbus, OH Hosting Penguin LIVE


3 Columbus OH Hosting Penguin LIVE

7 Flint, MI Alexander J's Comedy Show

8-9 Holly, MI Holly Hotel with Mike Evitts.  

15-17 Bethany Beach, DE.  Dickens Parlor Theater

28 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Lecture for IBM


1 West Palm, FL IBM Lecture

4 Bradenton, FL Sarasota SAM Lecture

12-13 Louisiana Magic Weekend

20 Michigan Magic Day

Posted by Nathan Kranzo on December 06, 2012. 3 Comments

A Zoo Gig


Yesterday I had the luck to perform at the Toledo Zoo next to the Cheetahs and Monkeys.  It was fantastic.  

I was hired by a private company to come in and entertain about 100 guests in the Africa Room (a beautiful private meeting place nestled deep inside the zoo).

I was given the boardroom to prepare for my show and sit in private before someone would come along and take me away for showtime.  

While I was sitting and relaxing I noticed some weird noises coming from outside.  Nobody told me there were several monkeys outside the doors!  

Just outside those three large doors you see in the photo below there was a giant enclosure full of some of the most amazingly beautiful creatures I'd ever seen.

They are Colobus Monkeys and when they are born they are completely white!  They have long flowing white tails almost like a main on a horse.  

I walked outside and immediately they all noticed me and they all gave me a look in unison like "check out this guy?  .....who is this dude??"

They just stared at me for about a minute then slowly went back to what they were doing.  But one or two of them kept a good eye on me to make sure I was "cool".  : )

I walked up to them and one of them walked right up to me and made faces at me.  

I tried to show them a card trick but they weren't buying it.

They gave me some peace and some great energy.  They were very cool dudes to hang out with before my show.

Monkeys rock.


Posted by Nathan Kranzo on September 20, 2012. 0 Comments

Summer Schedule

MMMMMmmmmm...Comet Burger

Here is my schedule for the next few weeks. 

Come see me!!!  

Oh...and PLEASE just email me or leave a comment on this blog if you would like more info about any of my performances!!!  


July 27 Saginaw, MI Crooked Creek Comedy Show featuringKent Tucker

August 5 Columbus, OH Hosting at P3 Studios.  
August 9 Greenville, SC IBM Lecture
August 16 Chicago, IL Private event
August 19 Bay Harbor, MI.  Bay Harbor Yacht Club
August 26 Columbus, OH Hosting P3 Studios
August 30 Dearborn, MI 
August 31-Sept 2 Sorcerer's Safari Somewhere in Canada

September 5 Lansing, MI IBM Lecture
September 7 Flint, MI Comedy, Magic and Mayhem @ Churchill's w/ Nate Armbruster & Garri Madera
September 9 Columbus, OH Hosting at P3 Studios  
Posted by Nathan Kranzo on May 18, 2012. 1 Comments

TRU TEST receives WORKER OF THE WEEK on Wizard Product Review.

This week David Penn and Craig Petty gave the Tru Test a 92 out of 100

...and give it the WORKER OF THE WEEK!!!




*****Right now when you order the TRU TEST you'll receive the MINDZILLA MENTALISM SERIES FREE!!!!

All three Volumes....FREE

Posted by Nathan Kranzo on April 25, 2012. 0 Comments

NBC 25 Morning Show

 Thanks to LIZ MACFARLAND and Stephanie K for having me on the show.  : )

Posted by Nathan Kranzo on April 01, 2012. 0 Comments



Ok.  This is for all you guys who wanted to see a demo for the TRU TEST.  

Here I am performing it LIVE on NBC 25 morning show.


The TRU TEST is nearly sold out.  Get yours while you can.

Click HERE to read more about the TRU TEST

Posted by Nathan Kranzo on March 15, 2012. 0 Comments

Reviews For Tru Test!!!


Reviews for the TRU TEST are coming in and so far so GREAT!!!!  

Here is the first one posted at Jheff's Maketplace Of The Mind

Nathan Kranzo's mentalism products have been spotty, to say
the least. His demo videos and instructional videos have
been, let's say, "quality-challenged." However, this is
actually something I have to give a thumbs-up and there is
no instructional DVD. It's simply an update on the classic
Grant test, as indicated in the blurb. This test was a big
influence on Ted Karmilovich's THE MOTHER OF ALL BOOK TESTS
and one could see this as a magazine version of that, if one
needs to get more of an idea of what this is.

The original utilized a Reader's Digest and this uses a Time
or Newsweek. So the pages are larger and slicker. One side
of the page features a photo of an astronaut and the other
has a photo of jellyfish. There is a generous amount of
text on each page. 

The word list has also been updated. Every word can be
visualized. Now, I've only performed it a couple of times,
but one of the words in the list is "intercourse." I can't
wait for someone to choose that and have them visualize it.

The package comes polybagged with 100 copies of a magazine
page and a folded 11x17 card. The instructions are in the
inside of that card. It takes up the equivalent of two
pages. Kranzo explains the basics and provides some ideas,
none of which would be new to the experienced mentalist. 

At $100, and with 100 copies, that's about $1 for each copy. 
That's not really a bad price, I suppose. Kranzo suggests
you have a page inside a magazine, have it ripped out, and
then it's torn into pieces. One doesn't have to do that,
though. I think Kranzo did a good job updating this classic
for the 21st century. 

Click HERE to read more about the TRU TEST

Posted by Nathan Kranzo on March 04, 2012. 1 Comments

SNOOKI Paternity Test!!!! Could you be the father of a meatball??????


LOL.  Just kidding.  There is no test.

That'd be funny though.



Posted by Nathan Kranzo on February 29, 2012. 0 Comments