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Highlights from my latest show in Colorado.

Howdy Folks!

Here is a highlight reel from my show I presented in Castle Rock, CO this past weekend. It was a good excuse to go visit my good fried Todd Lassen Click HERE for Uncle Klancy’s Koins

I also presented a lecture for the Ft. Collins club and the Mile High Magicians club in Denver, CO. Had a great turn out and the lecture was very well received.

I ate some incredible food with Todd. Lassen treated me to some of the best sushi, tapas, cajun, and mexican food i’ve had in some time. Especially the cajon joint. I loved the corn bread with home made pepper jam. mmmmmmmm
Click HERE for some kick ass Cajun food

Todd took me to see the band Dumpstafunk. A great New Orleans funk band that was playing at the Fox Theater in Boulder, CO friday night. That was a great time. We saw a chick with a funny shirt. Ask Todd!! : )

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Kranzo in Japan

Check out some footage of me performing in Japan.



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Mojoe Contest Winner and NEW DOWNLOADS

Howdy folks!

Congrats to ERIC EICHER the winner of the free MOJOE contest. There were over 175 entries and if you stop by to read some of the posts its a lot of fun to look up some of the great liquid magic that was referenced.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be re-releasing some close up effects as instant video downloads. The latest is my INFLATION routine and you can check it out here. NEW DOWNLOADS

John Kennedy’s MOJOE IS NOW SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!! If you placed a pre-sale order yours was shipped out on TUESDAY and you might already have it!




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Starting December 24th there will be a new release from Kranzo Magic. FOR FIVE DAYS you will be able to get it for FREE!

Simply purchase any KRANZO MAGIC products totaling up to $14.95 or more and we’ll send you the new release FREE!!! Whats the new release? Mindzilla Vol. 1

You don’t have to do ANYTHING. Any orders placed during that time that total more than $14.95 will get the new download emailed to them automatically!

P.S. Don’t forget the John Kennedy FREE MOJOE CONTEST is still going until New Years Day.




Offer ends December 28, 2009

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Kennedy Does It AGAIN!!!

My friend John Kennedy has done it again.

The last time I saw John he performed card through wendow for Chris Kenner and myself in the middle of a casino in vegas. We went to check to see if the corner matched. John snatched it from my hand and pushed IT TOO through the window next to the card. I was floored.

The time before that he was performing an effect with a sugar packet and a live cooked egg for a drunk hottie covered in blood at Denny’s at around 2am somewhere in Orange County, CA. This isn’t John’s usual place to hang. Chris Korn and I made him come with us.

John Kennedy is a genius. He has created another effect that looks like real magic. That man does not stop. I highly recommend you watch this.

Click HERE for more info about MOJOE!!!

Posted by Nathan Kranzo on December 07, 2009. 2 Comments

Mentalism for Xmas

Its going to be a Mind Reading kind of holiday round these parts. I have several mentalsim booklets and hope to release the first one just in time for the new year….

I’m thinking the first booklet will feature some of by silverware breaking as well as at least one stage and one close up effect something for everyone that will be VERY low priced.

Have a GREAT WEEKEND. I’m so thankful! LETS PARTY….


Posted by Nathan Kranzo on November 27, 2009. 1 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hey guys!

I’ve decided to try my best at updating this blog. Who knows… may end up being of no interest…and never read. : )

Here’s to hoping people read and post!

I’d like to start our by saying PLEASE sign up for Kranzo’s Newsletter. You will receive a FREE effect AND access to Kranzo’s Attic. What is that? You’ll have to find out. If you haven’t signed up just go to and you’ll see the sign up towards the bottom of the page.

Go and practice. : )


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Anybody Interested?

A Silver Dolllar Vanisher. It is the same as the lighter leash only the attachment is made to hold an American Dollar coin. I’m thinking about having these made. I have had several requests for them but they are a pain in the arse to make. They are great though. One of the most user friendly coin vanishes i’ve ever worked with.

Let me know if your interested in one.



Posted by Nathan Kranzo on January 27, 2009. 4 Comments

Stand Up Progressive Wild Coin

Recently Marty Shapiro sent me some interesting ideas to add to my Wild Coin effect.

Here it is in Marty’s own words…

“It is just three improvements to your wild coin effect…

1) you will laugh at this one…the only coin that works with poker chips are dollar size coins.. dollar size coins are rather expensive to make into copper/silver coins so what I did was to simply go to the hobby shop/craft store and buy a small bottle of copper enamel and I painted one side of the Ike Dollar. I also went to a coin show to find some similar size copper coins and tokens and simply used a glue dot or two to stick to the dollar… but the painted dollar works well as it is only briefly shown.. it got by my magic club and when I told a coin guy there he was most surprised at my revelation.

2) just recently and accidently I was playing with three poker chips I bought off ebay.. very cheaply in fact…I accidently discovered that they are magnetic.. must be some security measure… even cheaper ones I got at the five and dime store with no imprint are magnetic. I got a large square magnet and put it in my back pocket to use as a holdout. The three coins stay against the pants with the magnet inside the pocket

3) why the magnet holdout? Your beautiful 1 2 3 routine I changed to 123 321…..after the poker chips are produced I do a 3 three chip vanish (much like Curtis K’s and Kanoa’s with 4 coins…) I was delighted to suddenly discover poker chips are quieter than coins ..I hold them in an edge grip and go to a left handed curl palm…but a finger palm would be ok…. As I go to retrieve the coin from behind my left ear with m right hand…I could ditch the chips but don’t .. I produce the one side of the double coin dropping the insert and slowly producing that soon after transferring to the right hand for a moment…it is then that I ditch the chips to the awaiting magnet.. I reverse the coins when I place in the left hand as they nest and show the copper side of only one coin…… and do a vanish of the copper coin with shell nested behind…I get it to a 3rd finger curl palm of right hand and then will sleeve it if need be. 321 123 and then nothing. All standing up with no lapping or pocket work.

4) After many months of waiting and searching one source came through with an Ike expanded shell.. from Tango… it was about $30 I had been using my Lassen morgan shell during the wait.. the Tango shell relatively speaking wasn’t too well made as the portrait of the president is not so pronounced from the face of the coin.. certainly this is noticeable if you compare to a regular coin…I have contentedly committed this coin to this one trick as it is exposed briefly and not too carefully next to the other coin which is tailsides only showing…

The trick is a good one.. I appreciate you offering it as you did.. but the expense to do it was a bit humbling.. with one Ike dollar a small bottle of paint and a cheaper expanded shell and three inexpensive brightly colored poker chips… this can be done affordably by most anyone…. The trick shines as a quick visual show for someone passing by or just hasn’t committed the time to see other things you are doing…like a trade show booth venue.. I believe it can attract some interest ..provide for some easy patter and become quite commercial.

You are welcome to pass this info along to any and all that would be interested.”

Marty Shapiro

Greenville, SC

Posted by Nathan Kranzo on December 10, 2008. 25 Comments

Welcome to my blog!

Howdy folks!

Finally decided to start this blog and let the brainstorming begin!

It had been mentioned several times by clients and friends that I should have a place were people can discuss and brainstorm variations of my effects, or any effect.

I will also post random blog things. : )

Please feel free to comment on anything you’d like to see posted here, topics you’d like to see discussed etc.

Comment away! I’ll start it off…



Posted by Nathan Kranzo on December 10, 2008. 25 Comments
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