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HERE is a great and honest review of INSTANT EVERYTHING and NO SMOKING ZONE by MJ Marrs.  


I just got the "No Smoking" and "Instant Everything" DVDs. I'm pleased with the purchase. The self-contained set up using the pack of cigarettes (No Smoking) is a really cool idea and it makes the effect ultimately practical and it's the version I will probably end up using; I especially like that the props don't get in the way of other routines. Nathan provides different versions so as to allow individuals to choose which one fits them the best.

It seems to me from only one viewing of the DVD that one could use the No Smoking principle at any time during a performance. In other words, it is not limited to an opening trick.

The Instant Everything is also a cool idea that is totally outside-of-the-box thinking. I'm not quite as excited to start working on using this principle as I am with the No Smoking, but I could definitely see myself someday down the road employing use of the concept for a portion of my multiple selection card routine. Once again, the props used are conducive to being easily carried and stored so they don't get in the way of other routines; this makes things practical for folks like me who don't want to spend the time or energy to reorganize the prop arrangement that I've been using for years.


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One Day Left




I've been in Canada for over two weeks filming with Lee Asher, Wayne Houchin, Greg Frewin and his incredible crew.  Tomorrow will be the last day of work and I'm sad and happy.  Happy I get a few days off but sad I'll be leaving my friends.  Greg and his family and everyone at the Frewin Theater are amazing.  He has the best crew ever.  Best team working with him on stage.

I can't wait to come back!!!

Next stop is Cleveland for a lecture on the 15th and then back to Canada!

Posted by Nathan Kranzo on August 24, 2011. 2 Comments

The Frewg

Howdy Folks!

This coming Monday (August 22nd) Wayne Houchin and I will be guest performers in Greg Frewin's show at Niagara Falls. After the show we will be filming something very special at the AG bar next door along with the one and only Lee Asher. If you're in the area (or can be in the area) come enjoy the show & hang out with us afterwards!
Hope to see some of you there.




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I arrived in Toronto yesterday to pick up Lee Asher and Wayne Houchin.  We traveled to Niagara Falls today and will be here for the next days working with Greg Frewin on a fun and exciting project.  Asher took us to the TNT Market today in Toronto.  Houchin and I loaded up on some serious chili and hot sauce, fine cheese, and well.......if the earth ends tomorrow we have great snacks. 

Can't wait for Lee to cook!  haha...

Greg has an awesome show that runs nightly in Niagara Falls with lions, tigers and dancing girls.  Oh my...

For now I'm just hoping I can keep from being eaten by a tiger. 

I love Canada!




P.S.  Does anyone have any advice for what to do when you hear a LION roar outside your window?  Cuz i just did....

P.P.S.  HAS ANYONE RECEIVED NO SMOKING ZONE YET? (i know some of you have)  Please post comments!!!

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The LIMITED EDITION No Smoking Zone Vip Kit WINNERS are.........


All three y'all win FREE VIP KITS!!!!  : )


One for the kiddies: How about changing a stick of candy into a toothbrush? Good oral hygiene and all that. Parents would dig that, and my dentist would love you.

Posted by Ross




  • I was just thinking about this effect and the possibilities. While I think this effect is aimed towards magicians, you also could aim it towards mentalists. What about a billet switch with No Smoking? That seems more than plausible. Or you could do a version of Derren Brown’s Smoke. I just think this effect can really be pushed towards the mentalist demographic as well.

    Posted by Joseph Downer on August 12, 2011

Congrats to all the winners!

You'll be getting your signed dvds, and no smoking VIP KITS in just a couple days.  Just email me your address!

Thanks everyone for posting and participating.  You know me....I'll be giving away more free stuff soon enuff!

Have an awesome day!  : )


Posted by Nathan Kranzo on August 14, 2011. 4 Comments

Accessory KIT and VIP KITS.



Great news.


I have to admit the response to this effect has been crazy.  I mentioned on The Magic Cafe that when I performed this effect for David Copperfield he and I came up with some cool ideas. ONE of them was to have a borrowed dollar bill change into an origami bill while at your lips.  Call it ORAL GAMI. HAH.  Another idea was to have a french fry change into a chicken nugget or a carrot.  You really are only limited by your imagination by this effect!  Do you have a great idea with this?  PLEASE POST IT HERE.  If its good I'll share it with everyone.  Or maybe even give you a free VIP KIT!!!  : )


I've decided to make the VIP KITS available for $50!!!

I have a SMALL quantity available.   Small.

With this KIT you receive...

1.  THE NO SMOKING Gimmicks. 

2.  The DVD signed and numbered by me...Nathan Kranzo.

3.  THREE Bonus Routines that are not published and did not appear on the DVD!!!

The NO SMOKING gimmick consists of a gaffed cigarette and another special gimmick. 

Want one?  you have to just drop me an email.  Or you can paypal me using  Just put VIP KIT as the title.  add $4 for US and $8 for foreign orders.

thanks guys!  


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The New DVD arrived and is now shipping worldwide.




I am giving away a handful of free SPECIAL EDITION VIP KITS.  

Just post a comment on this blog WITH YOUR NAME.........AND add/share this page on your facebook or twitter....and your are instantly entered to win a free copy of the SPECIAL edition NO SMOKING VIP KIT

What comes in the VIP KIT????  
2.  Your very own NO SMOKING ZONE gimmicks.
These are routines that are either BRAND NEW or routines I held out and didn't include on the DVD.....

Just cut and paste this text block on your facebook or twitter page and you may be one of the lucky ones who receive the NO SMOKING VIP KIT!!!


Kranzo is GIVING AWAY FREE Special Edition No Smoking Zone VIP Kits!!!!

Step ONE  post the above text block on your facebook or twitter page.

Step TWO add a comment on this page with your name so I can add you to the drawing!  


I will pick the winners at random on Saturday this weekend.  GOOD LUCK!!! 




No Smoking Zone is now shipping worldwide.

With this principle you can change almost any two small objects in your mouth. You will love how simple and visual it is.

You can make a french fry turn into a chicken nugget. You can make a cough drop change into a piece of broccoli. The ideas keep coming!!!


I know you guys have questions....LET ME KNOW! 




Click HERE for more info.

I can ship the DVD out and you'll have it in just a couple days!!!  

Want Priority shipping?????  No problem.

Click HERE for more info.



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No Smoking will ship in a matter of days....


Hey guys!  Welcome back to the Krazilla Blog.  


Have you seen No Smoking Zone?

"How in the hell are you doing that?"

- Billy McComb

This is a perfect social opener.  

If you smoke....or'll love it.


Click HERE for more info!!! 





Please be cool and leave a comment right now!!!! 

I'll answer any and all questions here....and usually within a few minutes!



Kranzilla  : ) 





Posted by Nathan Kranzo on August 09, 2011. 7 Comments

I'm turning up the heat this week!


I'm performing in New Mexico and Arizona this week folks...

May 2nd Tanoan Community Association Building
9820 Murifield Ct. NE
Albuquerque, NM

May 3rd
4040 E 22nd St
Tucson, AZ 85711

May 4th
Marie Calender's
4573 East Cactus Road
Phoenix, AZ 85032

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Over $500 of free magic!!!!

This FRIDAY I'm going to be giving away over $500 worth of magic.  

There are a few ways to enter.


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