Age Of Travel


Imagine doing Dai Vernon's Travelers with four random objects. A borrowed ring, a signed bottlecap, a coin & a piece of candy. They all vanish and instantly appear in four different locations.


Instantly reappear in FOUR DIFFERENT pockets!!!  (or locations of your desire)


Use any small objects.  


In this booklet Kranzo talks about his thoughts on the classic plot.  Solutions to the classic card effect are discussed along the away.  OFFBEAT versions as well as a version using food and candy called FOOD TRAVELERS.  

Learn Kranzo's slimmed down version using signed selections entitled PALM TREE.  

Learn how to apparently perform the effect with any small borrowed objects.

Along the way Kranzo will tip a NO NONSENSE one palm method for the Travelers plot that many pro's have already adopted.  

***As  BONUS Kranzo has included a updated handling to his classic Back Asswords Travelers.  A crazy clean version of the Travelers effect with a whacky backfire ending that will flip people out and leave you waaaay ahead for some serious card magic.  

You will receive the PDF booklet with all of the routines taught.  

THE TRAINING VIDEO Download which shows a PERFORMANCE and explanation for Kranzo's amazing Travelers routine with FOUR DIFFERENT OBJECTS.  

You will also learn the techniques for palming and producing cards for three other effects with playing cards.

On this training video Kranzo will teach you one on one the moves and in this way you can see how VISUAL and magical these really look!!!

When you see Kranzo teach PALM TREE you will crap yourself!!!  The effect is so simple yet so stunning!!!


The Booklet and the Teaching video will be sent to your email.  Everything will be sent to your email the instant you purchase.  

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