Dusheck's Color Changing Deck

“A color changing deck routine that makes sense.”

The deck can be used for any effect after.

Due to the construction of the routine you may choose to maintain a full deck stack. Why not HURT THEM hard and follow up with a mean stacked deck effect???

As a special bonus Steve will NOT ONLY teach you his stack “the Du Stack” but also one of his favorite card effects EVERYBODY’S CARD. A great effect to perform as a follow up to the color changing deck.

Please note that this video below is REALLY a teaser. If you were able to watch the routine you would say “ahhh why didn’t I think of that…so simple!” So to protect the idea we will NOT show the routine in its entirety. It would be a lesson and not a demo. If you would like to complain please send your emails to thatsjusttoobad@gmail.com :)

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Ok so what do you get?

Purchase NOW and you will receive the INSTANT DOWNLOAD FILE. This file will include:

* The VIDEO performance of the color changing deck so you can SEE it performed and READ the description.

* PDF file that includes written description of the color changing deck.

* Steves comments and thoughts. How it was created, where he performs it and handling variations.

* SPECIAL BONUS #1 A full description of Steve Duscheck’s Stacked Deck “the Du Stack”. Along the way Steve teaches his “thought of card” routine as well as some awesome thoughts that can be applied to stacks in general.

* SPECIAL BONUS #2 A full description of Dusheck’s Everybody’s Card. This is Steve’s favorite effect to perform after the color changing deck.

All that material for only TEN BUCKS! This is a STEAL. Buy it NOW!!!

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