The Stoned Purse



The Magician presents the spectators with a small leather purse in the palm of his left hand. He opens the purse to show that it contains a few coins. The Magician removes the coins and places them into a spectator’s hands. He then turns his left hand over, palm-side down, and with the flick of his wrist, he drops the purse onto the table in front of him. Miraculously, the original leather purse has transformed into a solid black stone!

Comes complete with leather purse and everything else needed to perform this amazing trick! The detailed instructions contain other effects and variations that may also be performed.

This is just one of the several effects possible.

Imagine this: You are worried about having such nice silver coins feeling that someone might want to steal them. So, being the magician that you are, your transform each silver coin into a worthless copper slug. But you still have a nice leather coin purse that someone might try and steal. With a snap of the fingers the purse turns into a worthless rock……

This is how I have been performing my Stoned Purse routine as of late, and it is one of my favorite close-up routines to perform.

“I love mine……now I will take it out and carry it for the Holiday opportunities.”
- Pete Biro

“I saw this routine a while back when Nathan toured through Portland Or. This was a slayer! I never saw it coming, and that is a good thing.”
- Brian Proctor


**** if you are interested in purchasing just the SOLID purse only that's totally cool. Just choose that option when you check out :-) 

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