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Over the phone.  You announce that you have mailed someone a card in a sealed envelope as a prediction.  The idea is that you'll call the person with the prediction and get them on the line.  Then, someone present will name a card.  Not only that, but the person on the PHONE names a card as well.  Both cards are revealed to be a perfect match.  One is in the envelope and one is face down in your face up deck.  : )

Once again a VERY old idea but have you tried it?  Just the simple idea of calling someone and revealing the named card with an Invisible Deck.  The impossibility of it kills people.  Here is a way to make it play even bigger.  SEND someone an envelope with the TWO of diamonds inside of it.  NOW force that card on a group of people you are with and then have them call the person whom you gave the envelope to.  As they are calling ask them to please announce the card they are “thinking of” even though you forced it on them.  They will say the two of diamonds.  

When on the phone you prompt them quickly and openly ask them to name a card as soon as they answer.  Right after they tell you the card just say “ok don't forget your card please”.  You then tell the audience "yup....she said the two of diamonds!!”. They will probably laugh and dispute this saying your lying.

“Ok ok you don't believe me.  But look I will show you something truly amazing.  I've actually made TWO predictions.  One is a reversed card in this deck...and the other is the card in that envelope on the other end of the line. “

(by the way if they REALLY do name the two of diamonds you have a you may want to up the percentage and use a card you have had success and verbal or psychological forcing).

Since you already KNOW the card they told you when they first answered the phone you can reveal the face down card from the Invisible Deck FIRST (the audience doesn't know that YOU KNOW the card...YOU are the only one that heard it because you are on the phone!).  This is a great kind of “dual reality“ moment.

When the card is revealed face down from the Invisible Deck you can withdraw it and then actually have someone hold the single card face down...or put their hand on it etc.  If you'd put the person on the phone on speaker phone.  You now tell the person on the phone to please open the envelope and tell everyone what card you find in the envelope.  It will be the two of diamonds.... and you need to get her to say this out loud on speaker phone or hold the phone up to your mic etc.  Now you end with asking her to, “for the first time PLEASE TELL EVERYONE the name of the card you are thinking of!”, (its not actually for the first time but its the first time sharing it with everyone).  She'll name the card again....and you are DONE. Ask someone to turn over the face down card and they will go nuts! What a double whammy!!!

Obviously you can use speaker phone, a mic or just use another volunteer to call a friend.  You can have them speak for them, relaying their answers after you hand the phone to them, after the gag bit.

I watched a great stage illusionist perform a very cool version of the Invisible deck.  The audience was very interested in the selection of the card and everything was GREAT up until the very moment of the revelation.  When he revealed the face down card he did it at his knees....rather than holding the deck up high.  When performing on stage or for a large group it is much better to spread the deck up hi in front of your chest rather than in front of your balls.  When you DO spread the cards at chest height or higher you don't have to worry about the stack because you can just spread to the card you see and split the pair.

In the Bag.  You can place the cards inside a handkerchief or paper bag and SHAKE them.  With a little care the cards will shake up and down but not be able to actually FLIP over.  The idea of putting the cards into a cocktail shaker ala Steve Bedwell's SHAKE SHUFFLE AND TWIST is Bob Karlbach.  The idea of doing a faro with an invisible deck to set it up for a triumphesque type ending is Karl Fulves.  Karl also published ideas combining half roughed cards with half normal cards.  Check our Karl's writings in the book “On The History of The Brainwave”.  

I once saw Max Maven nearly smack a good friend of mine to for using a cover card during a stand up performance (the joker that comes with the invisible deck that most people use) rather than having pseudo mates on the face of each side of the deck and JUST PULL the deck out with the appropriate side facing the audience.  I knew the joker was bad....especially in this case because it was a stand up performance and it looks silly pulling out a deck and then flipping the joker about.  Isn't it better to just pull the deck face out and spread the cards in front of you?  I didn't realize fully why until Max explained it.  Ask Max, or just trust me.  I'll teach you away around this that Al Baker used in another note.....


That was a small section of 35 great ideas and effects.


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