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The classic Newspaper Test stripped down to its bare essentials.  Done with NO GAFFS, GIMMICKS or extras.  No math, no thinking other than presentation.  

A page freely chosen from a newspaper is torn into dozens of pieces.  ONE piece is selected.  ONE WORD is thought of on EITHER SIDE of the piece of paper.

You then slowly reveal their thoughts with 100% percent accuracy.  Or for those Too Perfect Theory guys 85% accuracy if you'd like.  It is under you complete control.  

On this DVD Nathan Kranzo will take you through the history of the Newspaper Test starting with work from over 100 years ago to present date.

You see Nathan perform the effect at a theater for real people.  You will learn his incredibly simple method that has fooled many.

You need no extra papers or any gimmicks at all.  You can be handed any paper and perform it naked.

Nothing added, nothing taken away.  A blockbuster classic effect.  STRONG MENTALISM made simple.




For the first time Kranzo Teaches the Leech Newspaper/Magazine Test.
This impromptu test destroys people and you'll want to perform it for the rest of your life.

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Here is a review from MUM Magazine...

The Newspaper Prediction was popularized back in the 60’s by Al Koran and Maurice Fogel. Many of today’s top performers have versions that they perform in their acts ( I even have my own version). Nathan Kranzo teaches you his version on this DVD and it is very good. You can borrow a newspaper and perform it impromptu if you wish, but for the full version, you will need to have just a few minutes with the newspaper before the show. Nothing extra is required other than the newspaper, but you need to look through it and spot the area you want to use. I hate being so nebulous about it, but I don’t want to tip the secret here.

Before he gets into teaching the effect, you get to see Nathan perform it in front of a lay audience. It is so fair looking and he not only reveals the selected word, but he shows that he had actually predicted it before the show. He then goes through the history of the effect and gives a lot of credits for his handlings. In his version, a tabloid size newspaper is shown. A page is selected by a spectator. The page is torn into lots of tiny pieces and in a very fair elimination process, one piece is selected. The participant concentrates on a word on the piece and the performer reveals it. He then shows a large prediction that was written before the show and it is the same word.

In the tutorial, Nathan discusses the best type of newspaper to use, the setup to force the page, the best conditions for the force piece and the tearing process. He then goes into controlling the force piece’s position and the selection process of the piece. The “moves” used are so easy and invisible. He also discusses the revelation of the word, both verbal and written. He has some great teaching aids that make learning this easy as well.

As a bonus, he also teaches you Al Leech’s Magazine/Newspaper Test. This is an impromptu effect that is done with a single page that is torn into tiny pieces. They are mixed and handed to a spectator who deals them onto your hand, stopping whenever they wish. You then deal them onto the spectator’s two hands. They are asked to eliminate the pieces in one of their hands, then take the top piece from the other pile and look at it. This is all done with the performer’s back turned, yet he still instantly reveals the chosen word.

There are lots of tips, ideas, variations and bits of business revealed throughout the DVD. In fact, Kranzo welcomes you to use any of the lines from his own presentation. My only complaint about the disk is that in most of the teaching portion, Kranzo’s head is out of frame, so we are being talked to by a headless torso. C’mon, I realize this is an inexpensively shot video, but I know he’s got at least a couple of friends. Kranzo, buy a bud a six pack and invite him over to run the camera. It will improve the product immensely. Other than that, this gets a big recommendation from me.
Marc DeSouza

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