Kranzo's Extreme Seminar

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“For years people have been writing, calling, faxing, and e-mailing me about my handling for Chris Kenner’s 3-Fly. This, and many other effects I’ve made a living with, are tipped on this new DVD.”

- Nathan Kranzo


“I am a huge fan of your Voodoo Routine- it’s great. I use it…”

- Tim Trono

“In the balance, Pimpin’ is a winner. I will add this to my performing repertoire …using dollars until I book some more shows.”

- Dan Garrett MUM Magazine


On Kranzo’s Extreme Magic Seminar you will learn over ten extreme effects! Aside from the killer effects you will also be subjected to Kranzo’s hilarious performing style. To top it off you will learn several of Kranzo’s signature comedy gags that will have your audience laughing and begging for more!

Here are a few highlights:


  • THE Coin Routine – This is the coin routine that Nathan performs when asked to “do something.” Kranzo uses this to open almost every close up set he performs.
  • Voodoo Card – Nathan’s highly requested handling of the classic Steranko plot is so commercial you’ll see the marketing potential and smile.
  • The Tail – A hilarious sight gag that always gets a huge laugh
  • Al Baker’s “The Knife Dial” – Kranzo’s modernized take on a forgotten effect. A borrowed table knife, or pen, eerily moves across the table pointing at the selected card.
  • Kranzo On Three Fly – Fifteen years of trial and error! Nathan teaches his take on Three Fly. Maybe we should call it Two Fly. You’ll be surprised.
  • The First Trick I Ever Saw – If you have ever seen Kranzo lecture you have probably seen this hilarious effect/gag with a silk or napkin. Nathan uses it as an opener for all of his lectures. It fools magicians to boot!
  • Pimpin’ – This effect ALONE sells for $25! We are crazy to let this go. Learn a hilarious handling that really kills. A deck of card VISUALLY turns into a stack of cold hard cash
  • Wheat Fly – You will laugh out load when you see Kranzo’s version of Three Fly with Wheat Thins. 0 Grams Trans Fat!
  • Tip Trey – “Proving that visual card magic doesn’t have to be difficult, Nathan attacks the suspended card effect in a humorous way. Hang with me here and I think you’ll find you have one of those pleasant moments that simultaneously evokes laughter and amazement.” - Steve Beam “……this is something I believe you’ll do a lot.“ - Jim Sisti

All this and MORE!

Download it NOW and in just minutes you will be watching me lecture.





Quality Contol
I’ll be totally honest with you guys this is NOT a fancy DVD with cool edits and MTV graphics. Its a one camera shot with an old school feel to it. Don’t worry the camera never shakes and everything is fully explained in great detail. Most importantly you really will feel like you are at the lecture after watching for a few minutes with all the jokes and banter etc. It will remind you of the old bootleg videos of Vernon or Marlo. Not that I’m…………that ugly.

This product is temporarily unavailable

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