Instant Everything









"It looks like REAL magic."

- Aaron Fisher


"Great effect man!  I can't wait to learn this."

- Jesse Feinberg



"Very Sweet!!!!"

- Shaun Robison

"This is awesome.  Love it."

- Jeff Kaylor


 "WOW, that was killer!"

Marcus Eddie


"I love this."

-Josh Arroyo

"Impressive...creative...great job."


*NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDERS!!!  This DVD ships July 1st*


Ever wanted to pick your own pockets?

More specifically.  Ever been looking for something in your pockets and couldn't find it?  Watch as Kranzo searches for his car keys, cell phone, money, and your selected card.  BAM!!!!   In an instant he has produced EVERYTHING.  In one hand is his phone, in the other hand is his keys, in his mouth is a wad of money and now sticking high out of his breast pocket is one card.....your card....the Queen of diamonds.

Thats just ONE possible routine with the Instant Everything system.  Produce a playing card, marshmellow, flip-flop, popsicle, carrot, bannana, wad of money, cigarette or just about anything you can think of in your mouth while at the same time make ANYTHING appear sticking out of your breast pocket as well as other objects in each hand!!!

Click HERE to watch Kranzo's Card To Mouth using the INSTANT EVERYTHING concept.

There are thousands of possibilities.  Once you learn the principle you can create your own miracles.

Make a card appear in your mouth, make the wrong card change into the correct card, make your mustache vanish or change, make a giant lollipop appear in your mouth and on and on....

***You don't need a special jacket

***No special cloths.

***You can pick up the gimmick at any hardware store and Kranzo also teaches you to make it at home.

If that is not enough you will learn another effect that is worth the price of the dvd.  Kranzo's CARD TO MOUTH.  This routine has fooled some of the best minds in magic.  Some of the top card men in the world have personally emailed Kranzo to try and get the work but he held out for years until now...

Up until now Nathan has only shared this with a small group of elite magicians.  This is the trick that made David Copperfield say "do it again."


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This is NOT available as a download.  To cut down on piracy this is available as a DVD only.

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