Universal Coin Vanisher

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Many years ago when I first lectured at Magic Inc. Jay Marshall let me snoop around in the old boxes in the back behind the store. 

I was in heaven going through all sorts of old gimmicks etc. and found a very cool metal attachment that could be used to vanish any coin.  I asked Jay about it and he said "take it".  I did and used it for years.  Jay always hooked me up!  Miss that guy.

About three years ago I lectured at Magic Inc. and once again I was let to run a muck in the back room. Unfortunately Jay wasn't there but Sandy and Pedro and the awesome Magic Inc. family are still holding it down.  Pedro managed to help me find a BAG of the old coin clips and I've been holding onto them.  A few days ago I finally filmed a video of some of my favorite uses for this great tool. 

This old school vanisher is the real deal.  I've used one of these for years.  The coolest part about this version is that it would hold pretty much any coin handed to you.  Anything from a dime to a silver dollar can vanish with ease.

Its not a hold-out or a crazy complex system.  Its just the super simple idea of using an elastic pull.  But you can do it with a borrowed coin.  Its machined out of metal and flesh colored.   It can slide on to any size coin.  Just LET GO and it vanishes!  

Ross Bertram would often attach one of these on his watch so he was always ready to perform a miracle.

Watch the video for an idea of how useful this little vanisher is.


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There are only 35 available.  These are old school.......and when they are gone....they are gone dude.

This product is temporarily unavailable

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