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BY Danny Archer from MUM Magazine Review.

In 2001 a Nathan Kranzo lecture in Dallas, TX was recorded. The original VHS tape had been lost and was recently discovered and converted to DVD. For an older recording, the sound and video are fine from this one camera shoot (and there are close-up at times). DVD navigation is play all, with no choice to jump to specific effects or explanations. Nathan starts the performance by putting both hands in his jacket pocket, slowly turning around where he now has a lollipop in his mouth. He then removes his wristwatch revealing a tan line. He grasps the tan line with his other hand and drags it up his arm (the tan line is no longer on his wrist), until he stops and shows that the tan line is now on his bicep. A candy bar is removed from its wrapper and displayed and then slid back inside. Demonstrating the art of psychic eating, Nate removes the candy bar and shows that it has a few bites out of it. When he smiles there is chocolate smeared on his teeth. He explains how he was unable to cash a check for $10.25 at the grocery store. So Nate rips the corner from the check and touches it to a flame where it changes into a quarter. The check is then folded and changes into a ten dollar bill. In the routine called Low Tide, three coins are produced from the flame of a lighter and are then vanished and reproduced.


Nathan ends the performance at this point and goes on to explain the handlings and methods he employees. From a technical point of view nothing is too hard or difficult for the average magician. The moving tan line effect has been performed on TV by Penn and Teller, Marco Tempest, Chris Korn and others and it shows the right of center thinking Nathan uses for his clever and creative effects. Low Tide is a nice coin effect that got me thinking. The check routine is a wonderful presentation for the classic $100 Bill Switch.


He continues by dropping a lit match into his fist and producing a packet of hot sauce. When he opens the packet, smoke comes out. He also shares an alternate use for the smoke production, which I think more people would actually use. Nate then busts out the pasteboards for an impossible location effect. Probably better suited for parlor than strolling, this is a serious fooler. Then Nate has examined a sheer handkerchief and a silver dollar. He use the two for a series of visual penetrations of the coin though the silk. In a short interlude, a roll of breath mints turns into a can of breath spray. Then, it’s back to the cards as Nate has two spectators each peek at a card. He has them each name the card and as the both say 4H, he shows that the deck has vanished, except for their card. 


Nate stops the performance and explains the effects from the second part of the lecture. The silk and coin routine is different than Ammar’s and I think better, as only one coin is in play so the audience’s attention is very focused. The two card effects are great and are off the beaten path as is a lot of the magic on this DVD. Kranzo is a very talented creator and performer and I think watching him at the start of his career, sharing some of his very best material in a live setting, makes for an experience that I highly recommend.

"THIS is one of MY favorite coin routines......EVER!!!"

- Craig Petty (in regards to Kranzo's coins thru silk)


LOVED  the Old School Kranzo DVD!!!!!  

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Old School Kranzo by Nathan Kranzo - DVD


Here it is! A FULL Kranzo lecture filmed from START to finish. This is all OLD SCHOOL Kranzo. In 2001 Nathan Kranzo lectured for a sold old lecture in Dallas, TX. This is the only proof. The original lost VHS was discovered and converted. IT IS NOW available on DVD for the first time in over A DECADE. There are tons of classic KRANZO effects jammed onto this DVD.

Lollipop Production - A GIANT lollipop appears in your mouth!!!

Spirit Eating - You eat a candy bar by looking at it!!!

Low Tide Coin Routine - A great three coin routine using NO GAFFS

Cashing A Check - This one has it all. You tear a corner off your check and it changes into a quarter in a flash of fire. Then the check morphs into real cash!!!

Moving Tanline - This is one of Kranzo's signature pieces performed on TV by Penn and Teller, Marco Tempest, Chris Korn, Dynamo and the list goes on.

Hotsauce Production - In a flash of fire a packet of hotsauce is produced. When you open it up it starts to smoke!!!!

The Evil Power Of Mine - A fantastic IMPOSSIBLE location effect created by Tony Miller

Twin Peeks - Two cards are peeked at by two different people. In an INSTANT the deck vanishes leaving you with only the selected card!!!

Fresh Breath - A roll of breath mints turns into a can of breath spray!!! Then you blow in your fist to produce an ice cube!

Coins Thru Silk - A coin visually penetrates a silk several times with some of the most magical sequences imaginable. AND YOU END CLEAN.

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 36min





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